Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Scuba Diving

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Simply Scuba counts down some interesting scuba diving facts.

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  1. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    OKAY I had to subscribe!!!

  2. Nemo Dive Bahia Brasil says

    Hay Mark, come dive with me Paul at in Bahia Brazil

  3. Adam Lucas says

    This may be a stupid question. Are you completely naked under your wetsuit?

    I assume the answer is yes if people are peeing in them.

    Can someone let me know please?

  4. SuperScience894 says

    If you dont know this how in the world did you get a diving license?
    Edit: i am obviously talking about the did you know that it is compressed air not oxygen.

  5. ben garcia says

    One up on the scuba acronym- the acronym wasnt for the sport itself it was an acronym for a specific design and people would later call every device a “scuba”

  6. Kyler Mine says

    I knew what Scuba stood for and that's about it. Not a diver, just really want to be one day.

  7. Enrico Ziegler says

    Is this for people who are new?

  8. Drew Santistevan says

    I knew the first one but the rest where new

  9. DiverDog 78 says

    Knew 1st one

  10. Bryce Collins says

    I am 12 and knew the first one, your channel has been helping me with what i need to get.

  11. tim gritzuhn says

    I did know all of them, probably cause I get paid to teach people diving. Great video though

  12. I used to pee in my wet suit, but I noticed that over time, no matter how much the suit was washed, there was always a faint pee odour. So now I don't pee in my new wet suit. It's amazing how long you can hold it in once you really start trying. Cheers, Q

  13. Tom Sharpe says

    No one knew what SCUBA meant??

  14. Mehran Mahdi says

    what I know is that if you fart in your suit while diving, then you should prepare yourself when taking it off

  15. DracariaEntertainment says

    lol gollum

  16. Jonny Bravo says

    Fun facts. I knew that SCUBA was an acronym, and its meaning and that Jaques had invented the open circuit regulator/demand valve. I didn't know the other facts about the world records for deepest, longest, etc. About time someone broke Gollum's record, though! 🙂

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