Kids Sea Camp Utila Honduras – Travel With Kids – full episode

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Visit Kids Sea Camp Utila Island, Bay Islands Honduras with Travel With Kids. Margo Peyton, Woody Tinsley and the rest of the Kids Sea Camp crew take families on an educational fun journey learning about the ocean and surrounding island. Laguna Beach Resort provides a perfect vacation getaway on an island paradise. Explore Utila Town, look for Whale Sharks, visit small island villages, get around by golf cart, go horseback riding and fight the Zombie invasion all while getting certified to Scuba Dive! More info at and


  1. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Awesome video I have liked and Subscribed
    Wont you please do the same

  2. Elan A says

    i love diving i went in culebra purta rico new zealand and mexico also st kits and nevis

  3. Edwin González Perez says

    I wish I can do scuba diving

  4. Nexo- Games says

    19:45 is Thumbnail0

  5. Nexo- Games says
  6. Louis' Adventures says

    I hope to dive with Margo & her crew one day in Bonaire and I will do a video on my own channel Louis' Adventures.

  7. Beckett Henry says


  8. Matt Tosi says

    Imma 12 year old CERTIFIED scuba diver. it is difficult to get your certification it pays off to do so

  9. Joseph Lorek says

    I went in 126 dives

  10. Joseph Lorek says

    I'm a kid and I scuba dive

  11. miker6570 says

    I wish there was something like this when I was growing up.

  12. MegaFun 4Everyone says

    Neat i adore this a lot! Fantastic video! I cant wait for more videos! Great job! I subscribed and will be watching! Head over to Megafun 4Everyone if you get a chance!

  13. laleki9 says

    pretty soon it will be travel with teens. lol

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