Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

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Scuba Diving Lessons for Begginers

Scuba diving lessons essentially hinge on 5 basic skills or theories

1- Dont hold your breath

2- Equalise early and often

3- Clearing your mask

4- Clearing your regulator

5- Neutral Bouyancy

When you take scuba diving lessons, these are the first skills you will learn and the same skills you will use in every dive after that for the rest of your life.

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  1. andrew hajipour says

    I don't understand the clearing of the mask like how it works

  2. pandansfru says

    Thank you for the vid! I'm in Thailand right now, going to dive for the first time in the sea tomorrow! I'm so scared I'll accidently let too much air in and float to the surface too fast…!

  3. Ceona Benjamin Salve says

    Loads to learn

  4. Riley Zarm says

    Please note that you MUST take a PADI or NAUI course even if you watched this video. It is impossible to explain how to safely SCUBA dive in a 3-minute video. It takes about a week to get properly certified and understand the concept of diving… It is so dangerous to dive without training he did not nearly explain how dangerous it is to dive.

  5. Giorgos Mavris says

    This background looks like my house in Greece. Thank you for the video. Excellent refresher.

  6. Random Kid says

    I hooked up videos like this because I am gonna do a scuba diving class soon and I am so nervous for it.

  7. Megabeast123456 says

    Garbage audio

  8. Russ says

    I haven't started my lesson yet but I am looking forward to learning more on this channel. This is part of my bucket list in life. I am not going to try any thing to deep but just being under water is a great experience. Thanks

  9. Akash P says

    Thanks that helped me a lot

  10. Matt Spark says

    I'm Watching this video because I have dryland training tonight. Wish me luck!

  11. massgator1 says

    when i was 14 years old i asked my mother to take me to a dive shop so that i could learn scuba diving but when we got there the guy that owned the dive shop told me to learn scuba diving you must sign your name i hated my name so much i refused to sign it and i lost out on it i also lost out on 2 dozen once in a life time activities because i refused to sign my name on those activities as well i now have changed my old name to a new name now that i have a new name it doe's not bother me one bit that i lost out on all these once in a life time activities any one else that wants to learn scuba diving do not do it because you will be asked to sign your name like i was asked to the guy at the dive shop said to me you must sign your name to join but i refused to do so.

  12. Cody P says

    I wear glasses so is there a way to scuba dive with glasses?

  13. Beastly says

    My right ear enjoyed this

  14. Jacquelyn Harris says

    I was very happy to find this video channel-channel.I wished to thanks to your time for this glorious learn!! I definitely having fun with each little bit of it and Ive you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you video post.

  15. Joju Mangalam says

    Great job in explaining scuba concepts so well! Congrats!!

  16. Jai Hind Jai Bihar says

    i am myopic . i use contract lenses .can i do scuba driving wearing contract lenses

  17. THE PATRIOT says


  18. incredibusy Ali Clifford says

    fabulous – I've always wanted to have a go!

  19. kingsworld says

    Haha for Sure im gonna Subscribe 🙂 and Yes im gonna Finish my A levels and After this i go and spend 1 year abroad where i want to do my dive master/ vdst Gold and After this I want to leave the Center i did it then and look for a dive Center where i can work for the rest of the year 🙂

  20. kingsworld says

    I Think dive Instructor is a Really nice job and i would Love to become One but actually im afraid of it because mostly you have to do it abroad and well i wouldnt know how to organise the Money Thing when im like 70. and i dont know Why but i cant answer the Comment so Sorry for Posting Single comments all the Time 😀

  21. kingsworld says

    Hey Thanks for the fast answer. At the Moment im Aowd with Padi and this year i
    started my cmas ** /vdst Silber but actually im Not gonna get this year because im only 15 . I already succeeded the Theoretical Part and during the year im gonna go diving and gonna do the Practical Part 🙂
    Im looking for every Information i can get because i Really Love diving and i want to improve my skill because if i can dive better then im diving Now its gonna be even saver:)

  22. kingsworld says

    Hey waterline actually your Videos are very nice but i have a little question 🙂
    are you going to concentrate one the Beginners or are you going to concentrate on all different Experience levels?:)

  23. Freediver HD says

    quality of the video is great. No channel has succeeded in the scuba diving field as of yet…. which kinda means its wide open for somebody to step in…. could also mean its very difficult to build it up since the exist youtube community of scuba divers is very fragmented. When was searching for scuba info when i was getting certificed in 2011, really nothing like this existed on the interenet.

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