Best Diving in the World. Cozumel , Mexico GoPro Hero3.

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My last day of diving on the Cozumel reefs on our month long visit. Nov 12 to Dec 12 , 2012. The first reef is called Caracolillo and the second is Cedral. I was diving with one of my favourite dive company’s ” Dive with Martin” After over 250 dives with this company I can not recommend them more highly. Everyone from the dive masters, Captains, equipment managers and front desk staff are like family to me.

Thank you Orlando for making this dive one of the best of the trip. Also I had a chance to meet once again one of my favourite dive buddies and her husband. I also meet some new dive buddies.

I filmed this with the GoPro Hero2 in 1080p 30fps 16:9 wide aspect ratio. I used the flat lens housing from GoPro. Also at times used 2x Sola 2000’s and a Backscatter magic flip filter with the Snake River Prototyping tray and lockline arms.

I could have done a bit more editing but i think this video would be great while having a coffee and checking you email in the morning. Or even better on your 50″ HD flat panel TV. Please hit like if you are logged into your google or youtube account also click subscribe if you would like to receive updates when my new videos are uploaded.

** adding this product to what I like to use as extension pole for GoPro and edit the title from “Word” to ” World”, lol. Dec/18/2013.

N°036 – relaxdaily
Sound recording
3:03 – 6:32

Fin des Jours – Chicane
Sound recording
15:30 – 16:20 play match

reamdancing – Fishing Men
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Amen Tune – Aaron Static
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  1. Dona 4 him says

    How are you able to find your boat and how are they able to find you again when you're ready to resurface? Don't you get lost down there? YIKES!!!

  2. Winter Mckenna says

    4:27 Rainbow fish (correct me if I'm wrong). Such beautiful and unique species ❤

  3. MonkeySpecs301 says

    hey im planning on cozumel in december also, i see you don't need a wet suit, is that correct?

  4. Chuy Cornejo says

    Did you use any filter or lights?

  5. sonia PS says

    Where is the point?

  6. German Dianov says

    It's amazing!

  7. RoseBudpony1 says

    I like the fish with a mermaid looking tail (the bone tail is longer), this’s also why we need to save are ocean, no more beauty if we don’t do something.. I also like that fish with a flat belly… I’ve never seen a flat belly fish.

  8. Potato Woman says

    nice c:

  9. Alexandre Foulquier says

    Respect turtles during your diving plz

  10. justsomeawesome dude says

    How expensive is scuba diving? I actually want to try this sooner then later.

  11. justsomeawesome dude says

    So… do they give you the equipment for scuba diving or do you have to go and by them? I mean, the gear alone is crazy expensive!

  12. Living Walks says

    Thank you for sharing, we've just filmed a long natural sight and sound gopro walk through the town and beach which may be interesting for people looking for a snorkeling beach. Hope it's helpful? We enjoyed watching your underwater footage and have subscribed.

  13. Living Walks says

    We film soulful city walk through's with a gopro, so it's good to see someone filming underwater with it successfully, as we haven't tried this this yet. Thank you I've subscribed and look forward to more.

  14. MeMeT RuKiNaH says

    You should go to indonesia dude, this nothing to compare with indonesia spot diving…

  15. Derek Ortiz says

    Not the best in the world. Just dove all the sweet spots there this week. Beautiful, yes, but nowhere near the best in the world.

  16. Straightwhite Guy says

    I went to Cozumel and wasn’t impressed by the lack of marine life.

  17. Amber Kosterewa says

    Roar !!!

  18. Sharon Gerritsen says

    Wauw, what a wonderfull reef! Do you know some snorkeling places Just near the shore?

  19. Trevor's Reviews says

    Awesome video I’m in love haha

  20. Kyle Done says

    Need to get a red filter

  21. Henny Carolina Tarigan says

    Hello Mr Mike Gerrie, your is video so fantastic.

  22. Remello Channel says
  23. djjoshua007 says


  24. Niko bb says

    Just Amazing!!

  25. Guillermo Lopez says

    Great Video Mike! excelent memories from diving down there, thanks

  26. Henry Fogwill says

    Very cool video. I have a request – in the future can you add a little text to the reefs where this was taken? We dive in Cozumel annually, and it will be nice know where this was taken. Strange how I feel I recognize the marine life.

  27. Tanner Ross says

    Thank you for the video, I hope to get certified in diving so I can do these things too!

  28. J Wag says

    What light do you use with the gopro ?

  29. NDFOOTBALL says

    Pacific blows away anything in the Caribbean

  30. Efren Huerta says

    so much life! soo peaceful! I love my Mexico.

  31. Robert Ray says

    did you use a filter on this dive. I have a gopro 3 and I am going to cancun soon. Great video.

  32. Troyano . . says

    Cozumel Mexico

  33. SeikiBrian says

    I realize this video is five years old, but I just discovered it and for the benefit of any newcomers like me I'd like to post a suggestion on underwater videography/photography: with the exception of deep down in some of the crags and crevices, there's plenty of light at the depth and location where you're diving so you don't need an artificial light…and in fact you can see how the light often causes some of the highlights to "blow out." You can also see, though, by the weird skin tone of the diver, that SOMETHING is needed to fix the color. The answer is a magenta filter over the lens; that will absorb some of the yellow and cyan light, allowing more of the magentas and reds to show, thus making up for the red light absorbed by the water. HTH.

  34. Danny says

    Do you have to be certified to scuba dive ?

  35. itsallarts says

    Really Amazing work

  36. Christopher Howell says

    Great news! You were right. I didn't need to be PADI Scuba certified if I'm only snorkeling and feeding some stingrays in Grand Cayman. The receptionist from Shore Excursions Group said so herself. So I am 100% good to go.

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