Top 15 Scariest Videos Caught By Divers

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► Narrated by Chills:
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In this top 15 list, we look at the most scary videos caught on tape underwater by divers. Scuba diving can be an amazing experience but in these cases, they managed to capture both strange and mysterious videos. Enjoy my analysis of these entries.

Written by: jessicaholom
Edited by: Huba Áron Csapó


Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Top15s says
  2. Sleepyfurballs says

    Ya sorry never stepping near a body of water ever again

  3. Todd Whyte says

    Just can't get past the narrator's voice seriously annoying

  4. Elena Koziol says

    Videos of weird creatures in the ocean aren’t that scary, there’s plenty of undiscovered species in the ocean

  5. Susan W Uehara says

    #13. Idiot

  6. Kory Wanders says

    By the way, Squids have 6 legs, not 8.

  7. Al says

    Anyone wanna go to Burger King?

  8. TheTripstraps says

    i thought this narator is middle aged overweight man, but suprise:)

  9. cj keef says

    So they catch an ancient shark take it out of its habitat it dies and they don't think it was their fault at all

  10. Andrew Cherny says

    0:21. Can someone please explain this sentence to me?

  11. Syrox Murdock says

    Not gonna lie Chills, At first i HATED your voice, then for some reason i became addicted to it

  12. Alberto L says

    I just came to say I didn't watch this because his voice is intolerable.

  13. Park Becky says

    I liked the video but the way you speaks make me dizzy and sleepy

  14. MademoiselleCreepyPasta says

    This guys’ voice makes me want to scoop my eardrums out with a dull spoon

  15. Thog says

    0:02 Burger King foot lettuce

  16. Gerald Cerillo says

    This fucking commentator is really annoying!

  17. Orpha Noctilusca says

    Has that drawn picture of you changed Chillz? I see a figure of someone in the background I never noticed before. Is it foreshadowing?

  18. Giselle Lopez says

    The creatures and bodies though

    tries to stay chill

  19. Terry Hogan says

    At 10:49 you state ‘line that was attached to a buoy’. BUOY is NOT pronounced ‘boo-wy’ , but simply ‘boy’

  20. Lynette Whitmire says

    Hefty hefty hefty

  21. Soul of Spaghetti says

    Number 12: a G U N

  22. Depressø Expressø says

    Basically seeing everyone complaining about the shark or saying it was bad to take it out of the water, the shark was extremely sick and was basically dying on its own. That’s the reason it died, no one harmed it or killed it themselves, it died from sickness and the scientists got to at least see the shark alive for a few more minutes till it eventually passed on.

    The scientists wouldn’t have been able to save it anyway, It’s sad yes but they caused no harm to the animal

  23. Enassee Marvin says

    More life in your voice please

  24. Stoner Strains says

    That figures, They capture a one of a kind animal it dies due to stupid humans getting it.

  25. IfFound PleaseCall says

    I just automatically down vote anything this guy narrates

  26. Amélie Dubé says

    only reason i won't subscribe it because the personnal opinion of the narator is sooo strong in thos videos it takes away all the important informations to replace it with random useless stuff

  27. LazyShrooms says

    Is this dude high?

  28. bryce colwell says

    I could only take 10 sec of your good awful voice and cadence. Jesus

  29. Caz M says

    That's a fucking dementor.

  30. Vulthunirr nigga says

    a guuun soooooo scaaaaaaaarry

  31. Dragana Stajic says

    Sorry but your voice is so boring, please do something about

  32. C L says

    This is an amazing story very inspirational to the spirit of a human being what tremendous faith he has

  33. Corey Fellows says

    Just listening to dude narrate this video, leads me to think he absolutely never smiles.
    Of course he might be smiling

  34. HarleyAndHonda says

    This dudes voice is horrible.

  35. JPhotography7 says

    The deep water thing was not a jelly fish. it was found to be a whale placenta

  36. Kaki Online says

    annoyed voiced

  37. Steve of the Dead says

    Number 7 is a Scabbard Fish.

  38. Number 6 and number 1 are in my opinion the scariest by far

  39. Kdubsurf14 says

    Geez…. if i hear one more negative comment about his voice….
    Can you just focus on whats in the video??

  40. Gamer Bonnie YT says

    Dallymd my other fav YouTuber

  41. Farid S. says

    I can't stand your voice daaaaamn

  42. David Braico says

    His voice sounds like the computer text to talk feature

  43. InZane says

    Number 15 UNDERTOE!

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