BEST CAYMAN ISLANDS shallow water reef DIVE

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Jimmy & Luiza dive the crystal clear waters of the Cayman islands where they explore a shallow reef near rum point. Tropical fish, grouper & stingrays!
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  1. Monz Gueg says

    some pieces of paradise…..especially with Luiza !!!

  2. Cubefarmer Hkc says

    Wow beautiful. The reef is nice too

  3. Sukki Sukki says

    you don't feed them right?

  4. Roshan Dsouza says

    Whats the name of the song???

  5. Tarzan Riccieri Arjona says


  6. Wim Regtien says

    One word: WOW!☺☺☺

  7. Tom Stone says


  8. dzidzabidza says

    Thank you for great video

  9. C.T Williams says

    You have a incredible body!!! I enjoy your shows keep them coming!!

  10. Jack Mehoff says

    Beautiful scenery. And the fishes, stingrays, and coral were awesome too.

  11. Pat McCann says

    This woman has a perfect body.

  12. Claudia Peñuñuri says


  13. shah hilali says

    Exactly where is this on Caymans. I have dived in Cayman before, but this looks brilliant !

  14. warsane1 says

    I have learned about so many incredible places to go and all about fishing. You guys have a great product. Yes watching Luiza swim, walk, talk, fish or whatever is a thrill in itself but aside from that it is a great show and you guys should have a real spot on something like ESPN

  15. Mang Kepweng says

    Great swimmer and diver…………

  16. iginio dandrea says

    wonderful all…and at the first place luiza…wowwww…sexy…

  17. J. Pacheco says

    Love freediving and snorkeling! The sense of freedom felt in the water is unique! I truly love freediving in Florida Springs, they are out of this world!

  18. Alexsander Dinho says

    perfect video luiza

  19. Claudio Sanseverino says

    Bellissima, brava e coraggiosa

  20. Oscar Grammy says

    You are Beautiful…!!

  21. Eric Fisher says

    She’s the most awesome BABE!!!!

  22. World Music says

    Beautiful video.

  23. magic cheeseball says

    and more light when your in shallower water

  24. David Chalifoux says

    Beautiful place

  25. molib2000 says

    Que bonito cuerpo tiene esta mujer…

  26. Mehmet Ali Ateş says

    Great sea, perfect girl

  27. Gadogado Chanel says

    very good

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