1. Benjamin Bak says

    My teacher shode is this

  2. Joe Griffin says

    ah …. Breathing?

  3. Sports and D.I.Y 4 life says

    Why does whatchmojo.com have 15 million subs but no likes or views

  4. Dave Dippins says

    Scuba is quiet and peaceful and jumping off rocks is the best


    scuba is life

  6. Aditi Rai Choudhury says

    What if i can't swim?

  7. Karim Amin says

    Wow, I can't wait to get into the water and try some of these techniques out!

  8. Waheed Rafiq says

    I was accepting him to say something about underwater breathing techniques

  9. PADI GUY says

    Does anyone know the "ok" symbol (i know it) and if you do, do you know why its that (yet again i know)

  10. PADI GUY says

    If anyone has a question they can ask me.

  11. Janeens_Lucidity says

    How do you deal with ear pressure when underwater

  12. Vacances Plongee says

    correction bro, as IDC staff you shall know by now that not all people can dive, some examples, pregnant ladies, people with mental disorder, chronic epiepsy, asthma, heart problems, retina problems.

  13. goncas rc says

    so that's how the girl looks like!

  14. Freakschwimmer says

    wait liquid water at 1 Degrees, yet you can survive in 80 degrees warm water? :/ Pretty sure he somehow got his degrees all mixed up 😀

  15. Rodrigo Cortes says

    I now know how to breath underwater. Can't wait to test my skills. cough

  16. JulieFromOz says

    Which bit of this video is about UNDERWATER BREATHING?

  17. flwrgrl13 says

    im 21 and i want to start soon, is it too late? i dont really swim but still want to start at some point 😉

  18. Damian Jones says

    Amazing video! Showing proper way of how to take #underwater breathing. Thanks for sharing the informative video.

  19. Raymond XL says

    its 2011 Rebecca 😀 +WatchMojo.com 

  20. D Brumfield says


  21. shivam sharma says

    i saw your face 
    my life is (almost) complete

  22. Shaharyar Shah says

    You look like Paul Walker! Striking resemblance 

  23. eddie1975utube says

    Nice communication skills! Wish I was that much of a smooth operator…

  24. C@ptain_Jack says

    PADI- Put Another Dollar In. Don't waste your time with this p.o.s. agency. There are better agencies that actually care more about teaching you how to dive than making a quick dollar.

  25. C@ptain_Jack says

    To get certified, there is a swim test before you move on to basic skills. It's really more mentally challenging that physical, however.

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