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  1. Fin Logan says

    My name is fin

  2. its Hannah says

    11:00 i was dry heaving Wednesday night and Thursday morning

    Here is the date: Friday January 25th 2019

  3. Hudson Cooke says

    I think you mixed up two very different sports one if NRL (Rugby) and the other AFL

  4. Aussie Man says

    Watch an NRL game it’s so much better

  5. GalaxyWolfPlayz says

    Cairns is pronounces cans

  6. Kelly Guo says

    you had two sea turtles on camera

  7. Tom O'Donnell says

    Come to new zealand

  8. Tobias Coolican says

    Hi from Cairns, those birds were curlews.

  9. Mr Dee says

    Did Chels give you a blow job under water…I wish she be keen to give me one

  10. Josh says

    To be honest you missed out on some great exploring by not visiting Melbourne and Victoria. Next trip you should definately visit the south and west, Fly into Vic and make your way through SA and to WA (big bonus if you guys like wine, Barossa Valley (SA) is world renound and Margaret River (WA). PS. That AFL game of Sydney Swans v GWS was garbage… Go to a game at the MCG and you will be blown away. A game with Collingwood, Melbourne, Hawthorn or Richmond would be a great game to go see compared to the snoozefest you saw up at the SCG.

  11. Kane Bailey says

    AFL is weak you should’ve gone to an NRL game

  12. newonaginnalf says

    You went to a vfl game and not a rugby game?

  13. Haylee Costen says

    Footy fail! An NRL game is the one you want to see.

  14. Samrit Gaming says

    I live in Australia

  15. Emily Filaseta says

    I just came back from a study abroad in Australia. For my summer holiday, my friends and I went out to Cairns and went scuba diving and snorkeling there too! Glad to see y'all liked it just as much as we did!

  16. Harold clark says

    Well done trying australian game

  17. Maria Blanco says

    Instead of getting sea sic a get sea scared

  18. Anthony Baker says

    NRL is a better sport to check out next time u go here

  19. Natasha Schwerin says

    it sad about all the coral bleaching.

  20. juzz says

    NSW isn't an AFL state

  21. Ashley Southon says

    All the people saying the reef is dying are talking out their backsides. No evidence whatsoever, just Greenie propaganda.

  22. Samara Rayner Johnson says

    Next time go to Australia Zoo in Queensland, where the Irwin family live, go to a grand final footy game. That environment will knock your socks off.

  23. dirty birds life # 1team says

    These vlogs make me wanna go to Aussie land

  24. dirty birds life # 1team says

    I want more footage of you guys just being yourself together cause it's so great like in the last vlog dancing to the music in the car

  25. dirty birds life # 1team says

    How does it feel swimming in fish pee?

  26. Gabriel Žnidaršič says

    15:46 damn you dirty boi!

  27. AUmarcus says

    The thing about the great barrier reef is it's the largest in the world.

  28. Henry Haglund says

    14:53 yesss Rabbitohs in the background

  29. Jenny Nguyen says

    Why is his hair so messy in the beginning

  30. Lacetag27 says

    Should've gone to Melbourne or where I am the Gold Coast and done all the theme parks. Lots of awesome beaches this way and so much to do!

  31. ylass says

    You both seem to be more chilled, layback now. Aus influence. Thanks for the videos.

  32. Jonsa Lyn says

    Do NOT eat a roo!!!!!!! I just held a baby roo yesterday and they are SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!! It's like eating a puppy!! He licked me constantly with the CUTEST little pink tongue! He played with my necklace. He was PRECIOUS!!!!!!! You have NO IDEA, Trevor!! I'm gonna tweet Chelsea a video of me holding the baby roo! She will die from the cuteness!

  33. Pandas 424 says

    But I actually saw sea turtle in your video of the first stop!


    I did a report on the Grat Barrier Reef last year. Its absolutely beautiful! I feel bad that it's dying out. I'm sorry I did'nt get to watch this log earlier, but I was busy. I love all your videos here, on Tmartn1 and 2, and on Super Cooper Sunday! Dogs are my lifeeee!!!

  35. Rahul Chikhale says

    All your videos about Australia are wonderful. Thanks for the honest opinion about cairns scuba. Makes it easier for people to prioritise.

  36. Francis Le Roy says

    Reef sharks are pretty harmless…..I've swum through a school of them. They're slightly intimidated by the size of humans.

  37. Jo Badley says

    I go for Carlton Marc murphy,Sam Rowe and Levi casbolt

  38. Jo Badley says

    I live in Australia and I'm only 8 i live in Queensland I also heard you can see the Great Barrier Reef from space

  39. Sq12Sq22u22 says

    My suggestion, if you come again…..go STRAIGHT to Bathurst….book a Hill End Gold mining tour…guarantee to find gold…take in the sites…too many FREE Kangaroos…you will hate them! Take time and LESS expense to find out where you should go to next…Head out to Glen Innes, then go to Port MacQuarie and head to Kakadu…just a suggestion, you can still do the city stuff, but this is 25%of the price and 1000% the experience.

  40. touati houssem says

    I love it

  41. touati houssem says

    This is so cool

  42. Birdman18 says

    Yeah nah, Sydney is probably the worst place in the country to go and watch a sport. The people there just aren't into sport. They never show up

  43. utumap says

    Come to Samoa if you want to see and swim with the turtles.

  44. Pãśtëł Wîñgś says

    Um this is where you were wrong you will never get a better experience than diving the greatest barrier reef you guys were just in a bad spot a.k.a a dead spot

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