Learn How to Scuba Dive

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Learn how to scuba dive with AboveBelowTours.Com and DISCOVER THE UNDERWORLD!

Our classes are taught in Taipei and Long Dong Bay near Keelung. Learn in Taiwan before going on your next dive vacation. Swim amongst schools of fish, even turtles. Take the advanced course and go as deep as 40 meters and explore shipwrecks or do a night dive. Come experience nature in the depths below with AboveBelowTours.Com


  1. Stone says

    great video

  2. Kiwi Elivlogs says

    I am going to scuba dive in like a weak

  3. TurtleCat :3 says

    The background music….. no way…..

  4. massgator1 says

    when i was only 13 years old i asked my mother to take me to a dive shop because i wanted to learn scuba diving but when we got there the reason i lost out was i refused to sign my name i hated my name so much i would not sign it when i got to the dive shop all these years later it doe's not matter that i lost out on scuba diving i also lost out on over 2 dozen other things because i refused to sign my name because i hated it so much i have now changed my name to a new name and i love my new name so much better that losing out on all these once in a life time activities doe's not effect me one bit any one else who wants to learn scuba diving do not do it because you will have to sign your name just like me the guy at the dive shop said i had to sign my name to join but i refused to do so.

  5. Retro Brothers says

    Nice video. Informative.

  6. Night Bot says

    Directions not clear.. got my dick wet instead

  7. Marin Angushev says

    I thought this was a tutorial, now I have to google wtf is SPG….

  8. Steven Henderson says

    who else noticed he put on the bc strap incorrectly

  9. April Whitehurst says

    why so you put the spg aginst somthing

  10. SeikiBrian says

    1:04 "…then do a quarter turn back."

    No! Don't do it! This is an obsolete and dangerous holdover from 1950s-era pillar valves. There is NO reason to turn a valve back from fully turned. All the way on, or all the way off! Period! Full stop! End of story! Why? Because a valve that's 1/4 from fully turned may be almost fully on but it could also be almost fully off. On the surface the SPG will show full pressure, and a few test breaths won't cause the needle to move, but when you go deep and maximum flow rate is needed you could suddenly realize that the valve is 1/4 from OFF instead of 1/4 from on.

    The next time someone tells you to turn your valve back a quarter, ask him or her why. I bet the only reason he or she can come up with is "Because that's how I was taught…(by someone who didn't know why…but was also taught by someone that didn't know why…who was taught by someone else who didn't know why…)."

  11. Sam Bo says

    Thank you very much for this video. it's exactly what I have been looking for as my interest has peeked for this hobby as I rapidly approaching AARP eligible status. I want to do something that I always wanted to do.

  12. Caleb Audia says

    How deep is this pool?

  13. Sparryax says

    When ascending do you equalise?

  14. Zock_Verbot says

    With a Video like this You learn Basics but Never go dive when you just have watched a Video like this.

  15. botchos says

    Can't hear you. Music? Weak voice.

  16. Mostafa Hassan says

    I love it

  17. Jerome Cabral says

    sucba sounds very interesting. I have always wanted to try this.looks fun

  18. Jorge Villarejo says

    How do you make a career out of this?? I want to do this so bad I want to explore the underwater world

  19. I love helping out at my dive shop when new students come through and when they get their cert card at the end they are so stoked. I even make videos for some of them so they can look back and compare how well they've progressed since they were a newb.

  20. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  21. josvani says

    quick question, let's say i get certified right? when my certification expires do i need to take the whole course all over again?

  22. Paul Anderson says

    usaas94 ….. snorkels are used for when your at the surface, using the snorkel will save your air in the cylinder. its good practice to have it attached even if your not using it .

  23. Sports and gameing Galli says

    Why am I here. I'm already certified

  24. cheeky twins says

    why do they have snorkels

  25. cameron Gibbs says

    4.33 its going in reverse

  26. Jacob Nachimson says

    I'm claustrophobic, so I may have a hard time trying to scuba dive.

  27. James Doyle says

    Do you have to use the dumb background music. Very distracting and unnecessary.

  28. Seth Taylor says

    how do you sink when there's a airtank, wouldn't you float up?

  29. Mss Bens says

    Nice tutorial. ANNOYING MUSIC.

  30. Daydragon1234 says

    Nice video.

  31. nasir abbasi says


  32. Scubaverse says

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  33. arman sesar says

    Ok so what if you're not very comfortable in the ocean as it is, should you consider scuba? I thought it would make it natural

  34. Claudia stone says


  35. ebenrj says

    im 13 and live in north wales would anyone have a clue where i can learn this and buy the gear

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