Kids and Scuba Diving

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Visit our Amazon Page – this is one way you can support our channel. Thanks! Have you ever thought about taking your kid scuba diving? Did you know kids as young as 10 can try diving? Why not try a resort dive with your child? You don’t need to be certified either. You can both experience this fun activity! And you don’t go very deep, you can easily swim up to the surface if anyone panics. It’s truly an amazing experience. Watch this video of Fireese’s first time scuba diving to get an idea of what it will be like!


  1. Marius G J says

    Can you make a new scuba diving video? I'm a bigg fean. Is it dangerous to ladder to fast? I want do scuba diving but it dangerous to, and I'm living in Norway so I think it's difficult to do it here.

  2. Marius G J says

    Ok thanks

  3. Marius G J says

    How old must I be

  4. asaad seafun says

    Diving for fun any time you welcome Diving from Egypt red sea me instructor
    any anfrmsion

  5. Suma G R Shivanand says

    you are just amazing I am 10 can I do scuba diving

  6. Kayla Newman says

    what resort is this!!

  7. Razzytazzy says

    This is my first time watching and right then at about one minute in I had to like subscribe and hit the bell. Nice job Im starting to get my juinor diving certificate.

  8. Danielle Mann says

    this is cool

  9. Dawn Miskar says

    It's hard to explain scuba diving to a 5 year old and the search (scuba diving for kids)popped up this video. I'm glad it's on the top of their list because it explains the whole process. Good job on this one.

  10. jakisdat BOSS says


  11. Stanislav Drahňovský says


  12. weerobot says


  13. tech blade says

    What ia this music

  14. Kieve Nathan Jumarang says

    Is he learn it I can,t not doing it
    but you super strong me are

  15. Jason MacKenzie says

    Way to go!! Enjoy the years of diving ahead of you. I didn't start until my early 40's. Never stop learning

  16. Fun Korean Person says

    Thank god your skin is ok

  17. Qystina's World says

    I want to be like you. I am going for scuba on my next school holiday in Malaysia

  18. Terry Alsop says

    I used to train my friends 12 ur old daughter as both mum and dad weren't qualified at that time. She's now 37 yrs old and I hope still bubbling! But folks please don't forget that to be safe ur kids still need to do relevant courses. In the end they'll be more confident and who knows what doors that may open for them! Be safe and enjoy!

  19. MadMooCow27 7 says

    Do you think braces would affect using the regulator?was the tank heavy?

  20. Matthew Kretschmer says

    I like Freeze's recommendations of scuba dive, and showing it in various locations.

  21. Nityananda Das says

    I want to experience scuba diving

  22. Louis' Adventures says

    That's so cool you dove in Cuba I'm going diving next month to Mexico for my second trip I'm already certified and diving is one of the things that I do on my channel I did do videos from Epcot in 2015, & last year in Mexico.

  23. Artun Cesmeli says

    why does she have a 9 liter tank i only got a 7 liter tank

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