Breathtaking Dive in Raja Ampat , West Papua , Indonesia Coral Reef

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Into the Ocean & Under the Sea, Breathtaking Dive in Raja Ampat, Papua new Guinea, Indonesia Coral Reef

A Big thank you to Rob Hart and for the production of this film

Edited By OurCoralReef

Music: Gunnar Olsen – First to Last



  1. Haikal Pasha says

    Its too overpriced travel there with that facilities they offer.

  2. Solo Player says

    Pengen ke Sono tapi gak punya duit:v

  3. Volker Stelzerr says

    Simly Wow !

  4. bang sondre says

    I wish this kind of beauty could be a reminder to everyone to take care of this beautiful planet

  5. Fernando Vergara says

    Stunning! What camera did you use to film underwater?

  6. AutumnSky says

    This looks like a dream place to visit. Amazing creatures and colors of every variation! Beautiful work with the videography and editing. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Herry Xu Jr. says

    Itz not Papua New Guinea but itz West Papua, Indonesia

  8. Abby’s Reef 75 says

    Amazing beauty nature at its best.

  9. Jeff’s Reef Tank says

    Nice reminder of the diversity of natural reefs

  10. darkwing says

    Is this kri eco resort?

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