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The ocean is a pretty big place, so it’s hard to find the best places to do some scuba diving, but we’ve got you covered! Here are the best places to scuba dive in the world!

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  1. azdzad dazddaz says

    Great blue hole ? seriously ? This is such a bad dive site (and a bad country in general). I've done over 30 dives there, it sucks.
    Blue hole itself doesn't have that much life, and the caverns are not as impressive as the cenotes in mexico not far from there.
    The other sites have more life and corals but nothing crazy, it's average.
    Finally most dive shops I've seen are managed by local alcoholics without any concern for safety or the environment. They take open waters to 45m for a single tank deco dive in the blue hole, they hold sharks/rays/turtles with their hands, pick up shells to sell them etc. etc. And to cap it all it's expensive! Go to Indonesia…

  2. Beth Pitts says


  3. Mike Chagouri says

    Rangiroa for all the big fish you'd want but difficult to get to. Beqa Lagoon in South Fiji for sharks. No mention of Thailand?

  4. Muhammad Hamim says

    proud of Indonesia

  5. Frank Aloia says

    Interesting list. Can't believe the Maldives didn't make the list. I've had the good fortune to have been able to dive many of the places you listed here and the Maldives is by far my favorite.

  6. Jason Hall says

    Poor Knights island off New Zealand

  7. Joseph T says
  8. Joseph T says


  9. Joseph T says


  10. Joseph T says


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