5 Of The Worst Things You Can Do While Scuba Diving

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5 Of The Worst Things You Can Do While Scuba Diving
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We all know the golden rules of scuba diving, don’t hold your breath don’t go down too deep don’t come up too fast and don’t fart in your drysuit but there are some pretty serious other rules, some written, some unwritten but worth keeping to if you don’t want to be that diver.

So without further adieu, I’m Mark from Simply Scuba and these are 5 of the worst things you can do while scuba diving

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  1. Simply Scuba says

    Sounds like Marks got a cold in this video….

  2. Tarnished Knight says

    Trying to reach in, and pull out a Maury eel to photograph, or pet.
    Had to end a dive early once because one of the divers in the party tried this.
    I do, however, feel confident he will never attempt that again.

  3. jkirk1626 says

    Anyone who believes picking up a rock or seashell damages the environment is a brainwashed moron who believed thinks the polar ice caps would be gone by 2000 if you drove a car.

  4. Nur Lon says

    Looking at your Meter while turning your air on. If it Pops out you shot you face with 230 bar.

  5. Ceona Benjamin Salve says

    Great tips

  6. dynelol says

    I didn't expect "Don't annoy a fish" to be on the list.

  7. Jaclynn Toh says

    Being barged into when photographing sealife! I have been scraped and bruised by fellow divers who aren't too good at maneuvering underwater.

  8. Ron Feulner says

    "800 pound dive computer", I was like what? they don't weigh that much!!!!! Then my brain kicked in.

  9. Meepy Gurl says

    2:53 I got the same advice from a pro pro diver who still is wary about his limits

  10. CoffeBuz says

    Oblivious to everything else around you (whilst fiddling with your own camera). BAM! Ripped by a current. #facepalm

  11. OBHSfolk says

    Ya know the "dont touch anything" protocol seems pretty ridiculous to me…. I GET it and all considering spearfishing is a perfectly legit SCUBA activity. I mean really, what do you thinks causes a bigger rip in the oceans fabric: Me cuddling with a big grouper and taking a couple pics or mean blowing it away with a big spear gun and letting it bleed all over the reef?

  12. Robert Thompson says

    #3 Not paying attention: I seem to dive exclusively with people like this. Drives me nuts.

  13. dianelynn86 says

    I kicked a diver in her face before after she swam INTO me the 5th time. Sorry not sorry.

  14. tom thompson says

    the one missing , ,, the front crawl arm actions at 10m

  15. Kenneth Pang says

    I once had a dive buddy whom is the first time meeting him, he ditched me on buddy checks, he swims on his own, surface when he likes it, and commented that I need to keep up.

  16. Victor García says

    I have seen instructors going down super fast trying to get an integrated weight that was released accidentally…..

  17. OBHSfolk says

    I know flailing your arms around is bad form but I typically do that when I know there are other divers faces near my fins. I dont want to kick their masks off so I micro maneuver with my arms.

  18. Benevolent Highwayman says

    3:31 800 pound dive computer holding me down? Now that is some heavy equipment.

  19. garrett vlogs says

    I subscribed and post notifications on and maybe you should do shout out and make a video on how to clear your snorkler and goggles plz.

  20. Nicolas Manson says

    The last point you mentionned, ive lived it. Some random divers with full expensive stuff who jumped into the water waiting for us on a shipwreck dive. There were so heavy with all their stuff that they gave up the dive because there were about to die from exhaust ! At least it was a beautiful dive without them !

  21. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Let your gauge be magically floating through the air and destroying marine habitat as you go along

  22. JD_Films says

    And also dont get eatn by sharks

  23. JD_Films says

    Do not not breath. If you do not not breath you die the end

  24. joshua smith says

    1. I have been told it's okay to pick up a shark tooth from the water floor. (I never try to remove a shark tooth while still in a sharks mouth.) The dive instructors also encourage us to remove trash, especially if it is plastic. 2. I have been video recording my dives, rather than taking pictures. I can save an image from the video recording if I want, and flashing some marine life isn't a smart idea. 3. I have apologized more than once for accidentally fin kicking fellow divers. This is why most of the dive instructors/dive masters make sure I'm one of the first two in the water. They usually tell me to get away from the water entry point before every one else goes in. 4. When I do ocean/gulf of Mexico dives, I'm usually diving with one of the dive shop instructors. They know my dive limits and keep me out diving trouble. 5. My diving video camera weighs maybe a pound, and I can secure it using a d-ring, before surfacing.

  25. Meister Kaos says

    I know some dry suits can be customized with a piss valve. The question is, why haven't they come up with the fart valve yet?!

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