Best Places to Dive in 2017

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Simply Scuba counts down five great places to dive in 2017.

Cenote Dos Ojos, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Bari Reef, Bonaire

Devil’s Grotto, Grand Cayman

Mary’s Place, Roatan, Bay Islands

Palancar Reef, Cozumel, Mexico

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  1. Jaz T-Seg says

    You should check out Tobermory in canada its awesome!! For all levels! If you like cold water ahah! Its Canada you know!

  2. Andrea Mesen says

    excelent, thanks for this review!!!

  3. Highlighted reply says

    Never book onto a tour that's called Dolphin reef, Shark reef etc etc ……as its most likely depleted of its star attraction years ago. Leaving an overfished tourist attraction.

  4. John Schweizer says

    Dove all those sites. All good places to dive, although I'd put Bonair at the end of the list behind Cozumel, Roatan, and the others. I would also include some sites in micronesia and and the pacific like Chuuk (best wreck diving anywhere), Palau, Yap, and even the less known dive sites on the island of Saipan like the grotto.

  5. Kemal Batavian says

    Go check this out to get amazed..!!

  6. Kemal Batavian says

    Guys.., don't choose any diving spots before check out about "Raja Ampat Papua". The richest coral reef and biodiversity on earth..!
    Just search the video on youtube…
    It's most recommended by top divers in the world.
    Enjoy it…and goodluck!

  7. Chester Nathoniel says

    I'm diving in st.lucia this year

  8. Indah Tasyana says

    This looks nothing, sorry to say. French Polynesia is one of the best place to dive in my opinion

  9. Fuad Hasan says

    Big joke. Seems you only visit carribian. How could u don't put any coral triangle place.

  10. Elisha Brewster says

    Wow. I start falling in love with diving when we go for it at I hope I have the funds to go and explore these dive sites. I hope they still make the list for 2018. I declare that 2018 will be a year of diving for me.

  11. Gibbs Meister says

    Now the last month of 2017 but I’m diving in Dominican Republic In PUNTA CANA for Christmas.
    Very excited!!

  12. Sam McMahon says

    What the actual heck dont hurt the kitten

  13. Waboche says


  14. Explorer Divers Merida says

    Cenotes near to Merida, Yucatan

  15. ComancheChiefSD says

    Cozumel is a great place to dive as well as to learn to dive. It's considered Drift Diving Capital of the World!
    Went there in July 2017 and had a blast! Here is my video….

  16. alaa el din el shafie says

    DAHAB/RAS Mohamed/Marsa Allam, Egypt is the best: reefs wrecks sharks & deep dives

  17. Guilherme Rosado says

    Azores is the best for devil fish and sharks.

  18. Carrington Kennelly says

    Dove Bari Reef before and honestly can say it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

  19. Greg Basa says

    Check out Puerto Galera (The Wall, and Kilima Steps). Cheap but really great marine biodiversity.

  20. Matt Blomer says

    Working as an OWSI in Utila just a bit away from Roatan. Beautiful diving, and sad we were not on your list!

  21. atlantean 107 says

    ooooohhhhhh I love squid

  22. TravelFresh! says

    Cozumel is always a solid choice! I went there after you recommended it and it was unreal!! I also made a video about it 😀

  23. snow toad/DK says


  24. George Kalogerakhs says

    The Great Barrier Reef is almost dead

  25. Itay Balaly says

    Definitely Apo Island in Philippines. Was there in November 2016 and definitely returning in November 2017… For sure! Coron Palawan is also an insane place for wreck diving in the WW2 shipwrecks.

  26. ROWI Design says

    The title should be changed: Best places to dive in 2017 (If you live in the states and don't want to travel that far)

  27. kohrean says

    so basically go to Cozumel lol. Dos Ojos is also nearby on the way to Tulum.

  28. Derya Tanghe says

    Def missing Tubattaha reef and Apo island

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