1. Eugeniy Stepankevich says

    Have you ever thought about removing the eardrums? Like that you will have no need to equalize…

  2. Isaac Mclardy says

    “Four Tricks” more like Four ways to annoy divers haha

  3. Arnold Stollar says

    Don’t play tricks

  4. Alexi Novoselov says

    Leave divers alone man, its annoying

  5. Kristen McCallum says

    I like free-diving until I saw this…

  6. Scruffybird says

    What fins are you using?

  7. Emanuel Dib says

    Handcuff them to the ship

  8. Thunmanon Jomsanthia says

    You think you look cool? Oh you not !!

  9. Davide Dameno Freediver says


  10. captaincrazy 123 says

    Trick for scuba diver hold on the freedivers leg when hé wants to go up

  11. Leroy Reynolds says

    William Tru could sleep at these depths on one breath.

  12. Aaron Grootjes says

    I’m a scuba diver and I also free dive sometimes but next time I go to the dive center I’ll mess with some scuba people I know while they’re doing tours

  13. Sindre Eide says

    Cut the air hose prank?

  14. Олка Макарова says

    Free divers are so proud and considering themself superhuman, but they only have 2-3 minutes of dive time. And even this time is waisted on trying to prove that they are better than someone else.

  15. Andrew Connelly says

    turns off divers air

  16. BillyBob Bobbins says

    How about, swap their air tank for pure oxygen. Such funnies. Or, stab them in the back with a harpoon whilst they're not looking. Yay, so hilarious.

    …. …. …..

  17. RONILOG says

    i dont get in in scuba lesson i had to get my dive lic they said that if you hold your breath your lungs can expload not only that if you acent to fast from a depth of more the 15meters you have high chance of Decomprassion sickness.

    how the hell are you alive 0.0 for reall what they were teaching was a lie

  18. thedogefogx420 thedogefox420 says

    How dafuq can U Dive 30meters deep without find and Air Tank its a mirakle to me

  19. Leo Blum says

    Some call it fun, some call it an irresponsible, annoying nuisance.
    Getting people to „scream like a little girl“? Go to Wikipedia and look up „compensation“.

  20. It Ya says

    I manage to hold my breath well static breathing but no way I could hold it that long well moving xD

  21. Volkan Sütçüoğlu says

    Furst trick: dont freedive, go scuba

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