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This video runs through the ins and outs of a snorkel and helps you to understand the different components to make choosing a snorkel easier. Snorkels are crucial for snorkelling and freediving as well for scuba diving as a way to conserve air whilst of the surface.

The video also provides details of what watch to out for to avoid cheap or low quality products that can be uncomfortable, made to a low standard and possibly unsafe to use.

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  1. ppplll000999 says

    I am using a basic snorkel ( no purge valve). After diving down with it & blast water off when surfacing, I always got some water inside mouth cavity that creates gurgling sound & annoying air resistance. It is like at at a dentist chair without the dental assistance sucking out the water during dental procedure. Normally a person can swallow the water or spit it out, outside of water. With the mouthpiece in mouth, it is impossible to swallow nor spit. Please help !

  2. abcd says

    great explanation

  3. Michael Jordon says

    In freediving, I'm confused what purpose a snorkel has

  4. Alejandro Martinez says

    Great video! Thank you

  5. donovan stagg says

    The C E mark your talking about is the "china export" mark… So you get all your snorkels from china?Because we all know china makes quality stuff

  6. The epic Gameplayer says

    There is no such thing as the BEST snorkel as it depends on your style

  7. Casper Bradley says

    Delete this video no use of snorkels use full face mask

  8. fouad ross says


  9. Amateur STL says


  10. SeikiBrian says

    One thing not mentioned is the importance of tube size. If the tube is too fat or too long — or, worst of all, both too fat AND too long — it can lead to rapid fatigue because they don't allow for full exhalation of CO2 and inhalation of fresh O2; instead, the stale air just moves up and down in a stagnant column.  How big is too big depends a lot on the person using it, with those having large lung capacity being able to move more air with each breath than those with smaller volumes. Just breathing faster won't work the way it would normally, because the stale air is still in the snorkel. There are new snorkels on the market that use two tubes — either one on each side of the head, or one inside the other — with one-way valves that separate the inhaled and exhaled air into separate columns, but these are not widely used yet and they have some idiosyncrasies that may turn off some potential users.

  11. area51r says

    good stuff

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