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The Ribbon Reefs are a string of ten large reefs that together form the outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. One feature of the Ribbons is that they serve to shelter the inner reef from big storm damage.

The Ribbon Reefs are home to some of the GBR’s most popular dive sites. “Steve’s Bommie”, “Lighthouse Bommie” and “Cod Hole” are among the best known. But there are also other more recently discovered sites that were real standouts on our recent expedition (June 2011).

“Acropolis” is one of the sites that is new to me. It boasts the most perfect fields of Acropora coral I have ever seen. Table corals that are 12′ / 3.6m in diameter are common here. Uninterrupted fields of staghorn corals extend beyond the 100′ / 30m visibility in all directions. Coral cover is close to 100% on this reef. Such coral density is getting rare enough these days… but considering this whole region recently slept through Cyclone Yasi, then the still-pristine state of “Acropolis” is testament to the resilience of coral reefs, the protection the “barrier” offers the inner reef, and the general patchiness of storm damage.

Liz and I dived and worked on the Ribbon Reefs a decade ago—in fact, it’s where we first met. During our expedition last month, we were thrilled to see the sites were in even better condition now than when we last saw them. Familiar coral heads and bommies seem to have more fish than ever. The corals are in better condition, and of course bigger than they were 10 years ago. The many anemones I used to film each week have found new tenants, but are still right where I last saw them: True clownfish have replaced the Pink anemonefish on top of “Steve’s Bommie”, while Barrier Reef anemonefish have replaced Spinecheeks a little further down the site. It was like returning to an old neighbourhood… some faces may have changed, but the same houses stand strong.

This video shows a random mix of footage from the Ribbon Reefs dive sites. I hope it doesn’t take another 10 years before I re-visit them again.

—Josh Jensen


Music: “Air on the G string” recording owned by Partners In Rhyme and licensed to Undersea Productions for commercial use.

Footage: Filmed and owned by Josh Jensen, Undersea Productions.


  1. T Z says

    50 years ago when i used to work on Vince Vlassoffs boat the 'tropic Seas' out of cairns we used to dive the reef from cairns to Cooktown, this video makes me feel depressed as that coral then was colourful compared to now , so sad,

  2. haram imran says

    So beautiful

  3. Miguel Castorena says


  4. nachobabe 357 says

    it's so impressive

  5. music lover says

    No words ❤️

  6. Patrick Guerrisi says

    are these filmed with gopros or much more expensive gear ?

  7. ঘাস ফড়িং says


  8. Patrick Star says

    I see my house

  9. Mage Sage says

    Humming- UNDER THE SEA!!!! UNDER THE SEA!!! Okay I’ll stop now…

  10. Sanjay dwivedi says

    But its not barrier reef yaa its amazing but….not that ,that i search

  11. Nick Casper says

    Are these still alive?

  12. Tinae Siringo Ringo says

    wow in 2011 the underwater so amazing. Hope now also still amazing 🙂

  13. Hainsaw says

    Nature is such a beautiful inspiration. I watch videos like these while listening to beautiful music every morning when I wake up. Keeps me in a positive perspective throughout the day 🙂

  14. Robert KM Pilemalm says

    I want to go diving there one day! Amazing!

  15. Noel Ignatiev says

    Great hard coral quality. Love it.

  16. Emil Silfverblad says

    The best film ever

  17. Abhijeet Gautam says


  18. DropPie says

    Unfortunately, bleaching is destroying beauty such as this. It really sucks cause the reef near my home is dying rapidly

  19. M Utu says

    This is life. Beautiful life i wanna live, under the sea.

  20. Robochop 1987 says

    magnifique, stunning.

  21. D H says

    I've watched this video countless times and it never gets old…

  22. Floortje Stam says

    What camera is this filmed with?

  23. Pradip Kar says

    How beautiful !!!!!!

  24. Tony St denis says


  25. Elio Decolli says

    Its a shame this natural beauty is being destroyed over time, if you take a look at the comparison between today’s vs the 70s its mind blowing

  26. sunny s says


  27. segsuc says

    Posting this video causes the great barrier reef to be destroyed.

  28. Tina Privitera says

    You can literally see the entire cast of "Finding Nemo" here.

  29. Magnus Ryan diving says

    Hi what an amazing video! What editing software do you use? As the editing is professional! Plz could you check out my latest Egypt video as I would love to see what you think of the editing (went to Egypt for my 13th birthday) thanks!!

  30. Maureen O’Connell says

    This is awesome!!! I just loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  31. HearThis says


  32. Hittin Licks says

    Wonderfull, great job filming this. Defenitely gonna do this

  33. shyamal ghatak says


  34. UJJAL nil says

    S U P E R B !!!

  35. stelios kemenes says


  36. Glimpsed says

    I genuinely enjoyed your vid, What was your inspiration behind it? Please as well take a look at my travel series, been to United States of America, Spain, Thailand and Australia so far! thanks! Josh

  37. Vir Visque Vir says

    What happened at 1:11? The little fish was there and then – gulp! – it was gone! Beautiful scenery. Great camera work. Hope to make it one day/

  38. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  39. Edi Ghous says

    What Camera do you use

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