1. Unicorn Workhorse says

    Is the footage color blind

  2. RebelFX says

    The reef is gonna die anyway, so might as well touch it while we can

  3. Dan Lewis says

    Sad.. knowing about coral, watching this is just rough. Hope we can bring her back. (G.B.R.)

  4. Moondoggie says

    Nice video, obnoxious music makes it hard to watch though. Gets unbearable with all that BLEEPBOOPBLEEPBOOPBLEEPBOOP constantly.

  5. Jamie Membery says

    Can’t wait for when I go this holidays

  6. GoPro Scuba Diving says


  7. The Titans says

    No offense AT ALL but I'm only watching this just so I can man up cuz I'm going scuba diving tomorrow (I don't know where the offense is either)

  8. Virgo Blue says

    It looks like a bunch of rotten cauli flower! Destroyed.

  9. Rihab Chaieb says

    I just started scuba diving and rule number one is not to disturb the aquatic fauna! And m we can only see scared aquatic life in this video. I wish you could be more careful and respectful of the beautiful surrounding and please don't touch the coral reef!

  10. Evan Jonck says

    hi, really liked your channel. lets do sub for sub. reply if you like

  11. Mohamed najib Laaziz says

    Sad to see all those dead corals..

  12. Hayley Robinson says

    I wish people wouldn't chase the turtles! This causes them to drown because their too scared to come back up for air when people keep swimming after them. We hardly have any left so please just watch them from a distance

  13. Cole Corrigan says

    wow, guess they let anyone go to the reef….

  14. Gallus Gallivants says

    Brilliant cool video! We really love that place as well. Can't wait to see more. Have a swatch at our vlogs from there https://youtu.be/KUP8rgiuMnE also you should visit to Scotland where we live. Its always bad weather but the sights and folk are nice.

  15. s says

    you almost died at 3:10

  16. Flo123 says

    The divers Are so unpofessional

  17. Worldwide Gastropods says

    Nice video! If you're interested in corals and sea anemones, you should really check my channel! Anthozoa, flowers of the sea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kduR7nPFMw

  18. Albert Khoshaba says

    As soon as he saw that lion fish hes like fuck this shit im out lol

  19. Lillian Wendt says

    Watch out for them box jellies 😛

  20. berny's reef says

    Do you have a filter on the lens?

  21. Calicocoin says


  22. Dive by Jerry says


  23. Benjamin says

    Looks all bleached out.

  24. Drew Maglio says

    "All the coral is dying…" What are you guys talking about? A healthy reef is characterized by 30-40% hard coral cover. The reef in the video has more than 50% coral cover! Corals dying and forming limestone is normal…then new corals grow on the old and the reef gets built up. Want to see ailing reefs? Check out my videos from the Florida Keys. Still, even with the decline of hard coral there, there is lots to see and tons of life.

  25. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  26. Conor Davies says

    I would love to go here one day, but when I was younger something happened when I was in the sea and now I am terrified to even go near the ocean.

  27. Rich Renwick says

    was Nemo there?

  28. Kristof Moscicki says

    guy's check out my video

  29. ds00044724 says

    I'm taking my Gopro to the GBR, did you use a colour filter when you dived?

  30. Etsuko & Michael says

    Great video. Loved it! Spot on with the musical selection, also.
    Every diver should try and hit the GBR at least once in their lives. It's one of those 'must dive' places, and worth the trip.

  31. Dennis van der Zalm says

    Never touch the coral damnnn we destroy the world so easy

  32. tehreporter says

    Scuba diving is a truly transcendental experience. With the press of water around you and the only sound, the hiss of your own breathing, you have time to be alone with your thoughts.

  33. activeallbrite® says

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  34. Mr Lima Bean says

    Oh my god.. Almost all of the Coral is all dead in this footage. It's like a giant biome of skeletons.

  35. Carl Farran says

    Wow great footage have a look at some I filmed in the uk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy07c2uXvmA

  36. ADMIRAL PIETT says

    Where the reef… Oh wait it's all dead

  37. Destinee Miller says

    Where is that?

  38. Kristen Connolly says

    Do you use any filters on your go pro? Thank you! Awesome video!

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