Oceanic Pro Plus 3 Dive Computer with Compass

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The Oceanic Pro Plus 3 is a air integrated console dive computer that has a very large and incredible easy to read display with big digits. This computer is perfect if you have any issues reading modern small screens or dot matrix displays.

Rating: 4.50

  1. GBWSpearit says

    I've used the Pro Plus 2 ever since it came out. It is awesome. I thought the Pro 3 would be even better, it's not. It has more functions, but unless you use more than one type of mix per dive its just information overload. Keep it simple and stick with the Pro 2.

  2. Suzanne Wills says

    Thomas Tippins is right. Move the thumbs.

  3. Thomas Tippins says

    You need to take your two thumbs off the Advanced and Select Buttons. I can not tell what button you are pushing. Very confusing !!! Use one thumb at a time and say Advanced or Select. Could have been very educational but instead very confusing.

  4. Daniel Sergei says

    Thank you very much.  I had been trying to figure out this dive computer and this video was well done.   It helped me get acquainted with my new piece of gear.

  5. area51r says


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