How Much Weight Do I Need

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How Much Weight Do I Need

Being properly weighted while diving has many benefits. Figuring out how much weight we need for a dive can change diver to diver, but with these simple formulas, you can determine a great starting point for you. Then with a proper weight test, weighting yourself becomes easy.

How to calculate the volume of a person.

Cylinder Buoyancy Weights

  • Aluminum 100, 500psi, +1.9
  • Aluminum 80, 500psi, +3.4
  • Aluminum 63, 500psi, +1.7
  • Steel 100, 500psi, -.59
  • Steel 120, 500psi, +.65
  • Lake Hickory Scuba Center & Marina

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  1. bertsimpsan says

    American education, everyone

  2. Belinda Davidson says

    The world uses the metric system apart from USA, dam crazy.

  3. Bernard Hackett says

    An excellent, presentation starting point to figure out the beginning diving weight. I will be reviewing this video again.

  4. Joe kle says

    I actually need to know the difference between the 80 and 100 tank for my dives next week.

    Thank you once again!

  5. ScubaTastic says

    I like your channel lots of good information!

  6. Phil Galletta says

    Excellent presentation Brian. Just tried it out for my double 80’s. Worked great. Thx

  7. Eli Brin says
  8. Roy Cabalo says

    Another great video!!!

  9. Colin Richard says

    Great advice, I'm a data driven diver so I do a lot of pool sessions with tanks at 500psi/35 bar to nail down the exact weight I need given any combo of gear and single/double tanks, my little black book of dive data has all my buoyancy numbers and a lot more, and stays tucked in my logbook.

  10. Chuck Walters says

    Bryan would your weight be more accurate if you added the weight of your fins and bcd to your body weight or would the fact that they have different buoyancy characteristics change the calculations?

  11. VashBlaster says

    Hey Brian, how are you doing today?
    This is an interesting subject, and one that always on my mind.

    I Use a 7.5mm suit since i started diving, and recently acquired a semi-dry 7/8mm wet suit (but still haven't got the chance to test it). I used in the beginning 10kg of weight , cause I weighted 68kg and the suit was thick, i tried 6 and 7 at the time and still had dificulty to keep me down or more neutral underwater, specially when i did "emergency" exercises like take my BCD with tank underwater and put it on me again.

    So i did a bit of trial and error and found out that i needed 10kg and i was always looked weirdly by other more seasoned divers, but that was the truth. I didn't feel overweighted cause i could dive up without the help of the bcd with no problems, cause my fins are a big longer with good propulsion and i have good legs. I had custom made some weights for me, I use long flat weights on my BCD pouch wich weights 1,75 KG x 4, 7kg in total on the BCD, and used 2 x 1,50 on my belt.
    Since I lost weight, now i'm at 62kg, I dropped the weight belts and use only the ones on the BCD and feels great, even when I had to "tow" a fellow diver across a 150m bay to the boat, didn't feel like they weighted me down.

    I still haven't tested the weights with my new 7/8mm semi dry suit so i don't know if i need to reajust but probably not, i hope, cause here we use more steel cylinders, from 10 to 12l and 250psi, but for safety the compressors only load them with around 225 and when they cool down they drop to 200 more or less.

    What do you think about my weight?

    Have a fantastic day and once again, thank you for the fantastic video.

    Hugs from Portugal

  12. Emil Carlsson says

    No metric this time? You're normally very good at showing us both

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