1. Louie Washington says

    Only ever seen one person ditch weights because he put way too much weight on

  2. Max Otzenberger says

    i like how you say these are entry level even though they have pro in the name.

  3. Jonnie Bangkok says

    Why all the emphasis on dumping weights mate…over 350 dives and never seen anyone dumping weights!

  4. Hellrazor says

    Please spend like 5 mins on each item, get more info, do some tests, get some airflow gauge, speed of inflation… So many facts ur not giving us.. plzzzz….. More spacs, more facts, less likes or how nice it is…

  5. Sighs Internally says

    That hair holy sht

  6. Num Nums says

    Forgot the t's

  7. Num Nums says

    Your selling this to me not the lab scientis

  8. Num Nums says

    A how to BCD's work would be helpful and how they work that's how you sale a product I'm not a person in a factory or a scientis

  9. For the trim I put 4 punds in and I put 2 pounds each in the removable puches is that safe ?

  10. Pelican Divers says

    I have a friend who has 7 different BCD’s (from the Mares Rover to the HydrosPro) and a $20k camera rig. Hands down he says the Rover’s of the world are still the best BCD’s. (T-One, Wave). They’re so durable and failsafe that you’ll rarely actually need more unless you’re doing cave dives or suffer from lower back pain.

  11. David Hamilton says

    The Aqualung HD pro has knife attachment points and also has two counter balance pockets either side of the cylinder

  12. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    A wing does not lack storage space mate, you 4 d rings to store reels, smbs, backup torches, lights, cameras, and anything else can be stored in your Drysuit pockets at your hips. The wing does not lack any storage, in fact I would say it has better storage options than jackets as there are more d rings, and less clutter oversized pockets you do not need…..

  13. Brian McGlennon says

    Bad Hair day ?

  14. Super Comics Studios says

    Some people dive for a couple years and then get a new bcd, but then you realise how light weight and flexible it is compared to your old bcd

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