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product review of two mares fins, the bullet proof avanti quattro, one of the best fins ever, and mares newer more high tec, lighter fin…the X-stream.
As soon as I have tried the x-stream on a dive , I will let you know…it is a birthday present and my birthday is in October, and even tho I am 45yrs old…I will try and wait till then, so as not to be a naughty boy lol

Rating: 4.44

  1. rick flippin says

    I have the x streams they are perfect for me thanks for the vids

  2. Viewcards says

    At the moment I can only afford a glass of cider.

  3. Scuba Tuga says

    did you try them frog kicking? what's your opinion?

  4. Barry Gregg says

    I'm on my second pair of these fins.  I love them, except for the fact that after only four years of use one of the fins split at the end.  I had my original fins from a kid for 35 years and sold them just because they were too heavy.  Great fins, just don't like the quality and the warranty.  They're light weight and have a big foot pocket which I love and I use them for wet suit booties and drysuit boots.  I just wish Mares would help me out with my split fin since they're so darn expensive!  Mares will NOT reply to me at all and won't even let me send them a picture of the problem.  Not too happy with the company.  Will consider other brands before Mares for this reason from now on, unless they get back to me and work with me on trying to resolve the problem that is clearly a quality issue.

  5. Rich B says

    So what was you final verdict? I have the X-stream but I'm thinking about getting the Avanti Quattro Power.

  6. cheaplaffsarefree says

    Thanks for this Duncan. Did you ever get into the water to do a straight-up comparison? I'm asking because I also have the avanti quattro and experience the same things you describe, i.e. cramping up toward the end of dive? 

  7. MrNotebookguy says

    Hello I just wanted to give you a feedback. I purchased the fins that suit my needs well.
    I know from your videos that you do not recommend split fns but I got Oceanic V12's now. My first choice was atomic aquatics smoke on the water but the genius distributor in my country forgot to bring the best fin in the series. I am quite happy with my fins so far. They seem industructable I am a warm water diver so my thickest suit is 5mm. It doesn't feel working well in the heavy current though

  8. Duncan Scobie says

    no, did not have to alter finning technique …they are cool fins.

  9. Dunx says

    I was comparing the new avanti quattro+ with the X-stream. I ended up getting the X-stream, excited to try them out. Do you find you had to alter your kicking style with the x-stream? I tend to frog-kick

  10. MrNotebookguy says

    How about Aqualung rocket II did you have a chance to talk to someone who are using them?
    They seemed very comfortable to me however they require more leg power then recreational diver fins.
    can't choose 🙁 I think I will stick to the avanti
    Definetly not buying any of the Cressi models never ever the split fins they look over pretentious and I didn't read a single nice comment about them.
    Not the Scubapro Seawing Nova some people experienced cracks within the first 20 dives.

  11. Duncan Scobie says

    I totally agree with you. I think finding a friendly shop that will let you try different pairs is ideal.
    I am really enjoying the X-streams. Had a nice cold winter dive couple days ago…and was doing a spot of filming and they seemed effortless but i did start getting cramp near the end of the dive.
    The avanti are none the less bullet proof, what you put into them you get out, if that makes sense? Great value also. I am not keen on splitties.

  12. MrNotebookguy says

    Avanti quattro supposed to be the best fin there is however when used it last summer I consumed lots of air.
    Although my feet and ankels are quite strong I almost had a cramp while diving.
    Still can't choose the right fin for me. I just want the best but damn! which one is it?
    All the fins has cons and pros

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