Diving for kids.

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Diving is not only for adults, also kids can dive. The minimum age for diving experience is 8 and the programs name is Bublemaker. Here in Moalboal we have a perfect conditions to conducting this course. When we did this course with Max, we saw turtles, coral gardens and many different fishes. You planing your diving vacation? Take your kids with you! It will be unforgettable holidays for every member of your family!

Rating: 4.32

  1. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Okay the music was awesome, I'd like to say these are kids give them a chance to learn scuba, its a wonderful sport.
    I have liked and subscribed wont you please dot he same

  2. joskin 99 ochoa says


  3. Neil says

    The kid is bad at diving, and the music is so annoying

  4. Colin Cutler says

    Someone should teach that kid to swim with fins. Keep those legs straight! Pretty cool otherwise!

  5. XXGAMER100XX Starr says


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