Suunto D5 Black Dive Computer Review

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Suunto D5 Black Dive Computer Review
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The Suunto D5 Black Dive Computer is a watch-sized color screen dive computer made for the active traveling diver with a black finish to the metal body. The colorful screen makes it easy to understand the information it’s telling you and you can read it in all lights. The built-in rechargeable battery means you never have to bring it back for a battery change and you can just top it up when you need to with a powered USB port.

Bluetooth inside will connect to an app on your smart device to download dives and share them with friends. Much like the EON Steel and Core before it, the D5 has a similar 3-button interface and you can customize 4 dive screens.



D5 Computer

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 4.57

  1. rajwoodson says

    How does this compare to the EON? Can you do a video comparison?

  2. Bayu Aji says

    Hi, if you given a choice, which dive comp would you buy, is it d5 or d6i?

  3. Nelson Navarrete says

    Can the gas pressure be changed between Bat and Psi?

  4. Aneek S says

    Just got the d5, haven’t used it yet but the screen brightness is way “weaker” than on all the vids and promo material. Yet to see what it looks like under water and at depth. Great feel tho and controls easy to use.

  5. Gage W says

    Can you start an on screen sortof counter. I counted 34 this video.

  6. Robert Gornev says

    This review is more in depth. I like it. BTW, what watch are you wearing?

  7. Marilu Carvallo says

    They forgot to add multisport GPS and Heart rate, it would have been perfect!

  8. Hellrazor says

    Great Review!

  9. underthewaterdiver says

    As you wear a Teric while reviewing the Suunto. Nice touch.

  10. GuitarPartho says

    That watch strap style is going to make so many Divers lose their dive watch if they aren't careful with it 'clicking" in.

  11. Axel Cortez says

    Do a comparison with the teric

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