Hap Water – SCUBA Reality Underwater – Vol.1

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Join my girls under the water in this DVD, featuring Frogwomen Anna and Tatjana, as they dive in their minimalistic SCUBA diving gear.

Rating: 4.77

  1. Where is your second and the spare mask?

  2. htherms says

    kann man diese Mädels auch als Tauchpartnerinnen buchen? Ich denke, das wäre eine Marktlücke.

  3. Till Drolshagen says

    Wo ist das

  4. Deutz D4006 says

    Cool das würde ich so gegen auch mal machen

  5. D Smith says

    The Skinsuit Two wetsuit is definitely the best looking suit in all these videos. Classic frogman/frogwoman looks with the zip at the front and the twistlocks. I notice that Anna always seems to be the model who wears it, she is a very beautiful woman and the combination of Anna in a Skinsuit two is by far my favourite combination. Love her and love the suit.❤️❤️

  6. DariusCZH says

    Why did youtube age restrict this vid?

  7. diff928401 says

    kind of borring

  8. put them to talk with the mask on pleeeaaase

  9. Willie Law says

    Can u do a under water one with heavy scuba gear

  10. Иван Григорьев says

    I think fotos by Hapwater are more better,than video. sorry.

  11. Иван Григорьев says

    Таню в первой сцене недогрузили – нырнуть не может 😀

  12. Willie Law says

    What language do you speak

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