pony tank diving

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My goal is to make the most compact but fully functional scuba system and this is just an idea of a compact setup. Sacrifices dive time for a huge weight reduction and manuverability. This dive was conducted at a pool with a 14ft deepend. DO NOT use this setup in open water. Only use this for training purposes!!!

19cu-ft tank:

regulator setup:

pressure gauge:

harness was homemade!!!

Rating: 4.52

  1. Jeff Morgan says

    At least you have a SBG, submersible pressure gauge, so you can monitor your tank pressure I give you a +1 for that, and a +1 for telling people not to use this setup in open water. However your make shift vest needs improvements. I might see this kind of rig useful for quick under boat inspection or pool inspection but in reality 20 minutes with inexperienced diver they may burn the air supply up rather quickly. I see in this video your flopping around consuming a lot of gas due to your efforts and fussing around with the vest and largely do to not having any kind of active buoyancy control. Thanks for sharing your video.

  2. adamdarby43 says

    How long does a 19cu-ft tank last?

  3. Hammer Rocks says

    This is great but it looks like the gear could benefit from a waist strap to prevent it riding up.

  4. vladimir reznov says

    great quality footage!!!

  5. that giy says

    why didnt you just buy a harness instead of making one? also whould you recommend Cressi Dive fins, im looking into a pair.

  6. Jordon Marentette says

    I have subscribed your channel

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