How I Set Up My Reel System

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How I Set Up My Reel System

Per request this is the way I set up my reel system for use.

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  1. Martial Gerolami says

    Great videos keep up the good work. Great explanations

  2. Gee says

    Hey Brian, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to mark my spool line at 10' intervals for measuring distance underwater. I have tried different markers, and they either aren't visible underwater or the marking simply wash off. If I tie knots in the line they can't be rolled back onto the spool. any advice?

  3. rick flippin says

    I set my reel up per your tutorial awesome stuff, your work is much appreciated

  4. Mark Findler says

    Thanks a ton for the thorough tutorial. VERY helpful!

  5. Mauricio Vera says

    Hello. I couldn't find the video where you show what you do with the excess line that you cut off. Please share the link. Thank you

  6. Firas Alragom says

    Love the detailed step by step. Easy to follow and great how-to tips. Thanks a lot!

  7. Gayle HuNTeR says

    Beauts!!! Did this recently. Makes it a better tool for me. Thanks

  8. Milton Stennett says

    Mate, thank you so much for that informtion.

  9. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    The Apeks lifeline spools are very well made. They are made out of one piece of aluminum, high vis very strong line – not normal cheap shite, comes with a SS swivel and double ender

  10. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    A hotknife works a lot better than a lighter for stifffening the rope ends

  11. bombousboy says

    Excellent and thank you.

  12. patrick Desjardins says


  13. Jimbob Squarepants says

    Great video, great advice. Thank you.

  14. Tim Lipinski says

    Great video, but maybe put a second small loop in the Big Loop first as another YouTube video shows ! Thank you for the video ! tjl

  15. The Polary says

    Personally, I don't like that way of setup, because ur SMB should be ready to go in a possible emergency situation, where u don't have that time to de- and connect all that stuff together. In my mind, u should always keep the reel of the SMB fixed to the SMB self. Best regards, Skip. Polary.

  16. Pekannuss says

    Good hints, thx!

  17. Khalid Alaudin says

    Great video … thanks

  18. Joe kle says

    I typically just add a knot at 15 feet. But I like the swivel idea so the line doesn't twist.

    Good video

  19. Thomas Nelson says

    Great video Bryan! Have you seen the video below showing an alternative and more secure way of clipping the bolt snaps into the loop of line? Great way to shorten the length of line between the double ender and the reel which is great for snag hazards, as well as ensuring that the line can't pull out if the slide on the bolt opens up a little bit

  20. Dean Murray says

    Great tip about the swivel at safety stop depth! An extra idea that I like is small piece of heat shrink tube over the small loop. Stiffens it up and makes poking it through the holes on the spool a lot easier.

  21. Matthew Brown says

    Great instruction. Going out ocean diving for the first this summer and this part of what i need to learn before then.

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