Unboxing Cressi Air travel BCD 2.0 for scuba diving | #58

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Here is my unboxing video for my Cressi Air travel BCD for scuba diving. I looked around for a while to find a BCD that fits me as a quite small person. Most of the BCD was to long and the shoulder straps were to big on the BCDs even if they where at the shortest length. This scuba diving BCD from Cressi fits me very well. I got it in a size XS it is tight on the right places and is very comfortable.

I have now done two liveaboard trips with this Cressi Air travel BCD and it have been very good. It small, compact and light weight and packs well with the other scuba diving gear.

On the negative side I must say I miss some pockets. There is a roll down pocket, but I don´t want to stop things there since it easy to fall out when there is no zipper at the top.

I think I have to invest in a leg pocket to attach to the Cressi Air travel BCD and then it would be great.

Here you can find the BCD if you want to buy

Trim pockets for cam band:
Leg pocket:

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Filmed with:
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 24-70 mm f. 2.8 LUSM II

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Rating: 5.00

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  1. iVlogBuzz says

    What does that weigh in at and what size do you have there?

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