Best Regulators – 2019

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Best Regulators – 2019
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In this weeks scuba advice episode Mark talks about the best regulators for 2019.


Cressi T10

Aqua Lung Mikron

Apeks MTX-R

Scubapro Carbon Black

Atomic ST1

Atomic T3

Regulator Collections

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

Moist –
Artist: Mikos Da Gawd –

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Rating: 4.59

  1. Derek Buelna says


  2. Bob G says

    forced to watch 8 commercials

  3. FROGSTOCK says

    was pissing myself 10 mins in

  4. Geoff waterman says

    Haha. To fix hiccups…….get someone to seal your earlobes with their fingers ( gently) while you drink a bottle of water.
    Dont believe me ?try it next time …its amazing.

  5. patryka11 says

    My dear, no Mares here?

  6. Rithy Chhean says

    Reshoot the video…

  7. Richard Slater says

    Why the hell am I getting two adverts at the beginning of the video AND then TWO adverts in the middle of the video. FFS

  8. BenediktP13 says

    Still think the M1 are the best option. But thats just my experience comparing mainly Apeks and Atomic regs.

  9. GastrophetDrum says

    Step 1: Custom molded mouthpiece, do it right in the comfort of your own home!
    Step 2: Jaw Fatigue???
    : )

  10. Wohaa there…. where's the poseidons?

  11. Kevin Johnson says

    Bravo! The show must go on!

  12. rag3geCKo says

    😀 Amazing job getting through all that with hiccups man..

  13. Hellrazor says

    Hiccups are caused by a boubble in your digestive track…. Just burp it out…

  14. didi dudu says

    What do you think about the Apeks XL4?

  15. Jonathan Tatler says

    Glass off water from the wrong side?

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