How to Remove and Replace Belt on the Surface PADI IDC Skills Diving Instructor Thailand

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How to Remove and Replace Weight Belt on the Surface PADI IDC Skills Diving Instructor Thailand

IDC Skills – remove and replace the weight system on the surface of the water.


Remove, replace, adjust and secure weight system with minimal assistance at the surface in water too deep in which to stand.


After a buoyancy check at the surface, you may want to adjust the amount of weight on your weight belt. You can easily take it off, make your adjustments and put it back on.


While on the surface you should always have your snorkel in your mouth

The first step is to make sure your BCD is fully inflated.

Use you right hand to utilize the weight belts quick release.

Bring the weight belt in front of you while maintaining a firm grasp to avoid dropping the belt.

Before placing the weight belt back on, check for twists and make any adjustments needed.

Hold the non-buckle end in your right hand to ensure that when you put it back on, it is a right hand release.

An easy way to put the belt back on is to loop it under your knees, and slide it up to your waist.

At this time you may lean forward rest the weight belt on your back as you re-secure it.

Remember to check that it is a right hand release.


This skill must be performed on the surface in water too deep to stand.

Since the skill is conducted both above and below the surface, remember to look below when the Instructor signals you.

The Instructor will then conduct the skill one by one while the Divemaster watches over the other students.

The skill must be repeated until mastery is achieved.

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