Freediving Power Plant in Hawaii! (Almost Died) | DALLMYD

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In this video we freedive at a power plant in Hawaii!
Location: Electric Beach, Oahu Hawaii

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Freediving Power Plant in Hawaii! (Almost Died)


Rating: 4.84

  1. DALLMYD says

    Today my friends and I freedive a power plant in Hawaii! Can't believe I almost got attacked by that seal!! Was so crazy. Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see us swimming with sharks! Always appreciate the extra love and support <3

  2. REACT AGAR says

    Did Linzie leave her fins there cuz I found the exact same pair couple hrs ago

  3. Tony Peck says

    I saw him their

  4. kaiserinxzena says

    In response to the person who asked why Jake should delete the Hawaiian Monk seal footage from the video, there are perhaps no more than 1,200 left in the wild of which 80-100 are around the main islands (there are 8). Not only are these seals protected under the Endangered Species Act, Hawaiʻi has made it a felony to cause harm to a Monk Seal with a penalty upwards to $50,000 and 5 years in jail. We love our Hawaiian Monk Seals and ask everyone to please don’t harass , harm or approach them. A seal may deem your innocent approach as harassment (as Hawaiʻi residents do), besides, these are large predators and can rip your face off. That should be reason enough not to approach them. I invite everyone to read up on these amazing and adorable animals. We need to protect them so everyone can live in a world that includes the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

    Jake, I just found your videos today and I truly admire your commitment to finding treasure, returning them to their rightful, and grateful, owners, assisting law enforcement by turning in all guns, and the love of the environment by removing trash from waterways. I mean no disrespect with what I wrote about the Hawaiian Monk Seals. You and your diving friends are simply awesome!

  5. SilencerOS says

    Take the snorkel out of your mouth when freediving it can make it harder to rescue someone who had blacked out if their jaw clamps on it

  6. Curtis Jordan says

    that was terrifying lol

  7. seanlfc fan says


  8. Jaqueline Gomes says

    the water is radioactive, cuz there is a power plant right next to it, so the water is radioactive.

  9. Gac951 says

    I saw two seals in this video the protected species, monk seal, and the overpopulated, blonde seal…

    Both equally as deadly so I'm shocked you are alive rn!

  10. Get Lost says

    It’s illegal to swim that close to a seal in Hawaii. Your lucky the DLNR doesn’t try to talk to you. I honestly would delete that from your video.

  11. ali alsulaiman says

    song name???????

  12. Ryan Burget says

    No swim with sharks

  13. TsangyFitness says

    Almost 2 years later and still love this video!

  14. rozrabiakpl says

    Great music ! 🙂 HEy guy where can I get some music like this for my videos ? 🙂

  15. Queen Cloverpaws says

    You should freedive in Flamenco beach Puerto Rico. The water is crystal clear and it’s the beach with the tanks on the coast. I saw 2 fish but didn’t go to far out. There are also coral reefs and lots of pelicans. It is truly beautiful. My sister and I found a boat anchor.

  16. Gus Garcia says

    I like your vids but hate the click baits.

  17. hayden geppi says

    seal= me on monday

  18. Elvin John Tropezado says


  19. Kathy Oliver says

    Love the music

  20. MIC MYR says

    so cool

  21. Cody Pennington says

    Aloha Bruddah

  22. David Koba says

    Monk seals are a protected species. Should do some research you must keep a radius away from them and yes they are aggressive.

  23. Marilia l. Gomes says

    They should take the snorkel out off the mouth when they're diving, it's safer.

  24. Aoife Coleman says

    Why does he always wear earphones?

  25. Quadlyfe #1 says

    The seal was like awww crap you wanna play ooooooook let's play then

  26. Tommy Scoots says

    Can you breathe under water with thos snorkels what are they called

  27. c burger says



  28. Camryn Lesikar says

    your channel is the best

  29. Dovahkiin says

    Hi! I have a question about your mask. (the octomask freediver) is it a nice mask. I might buy one

  30. HWN-Island YT says

    Dang I could have me you…

  31. Caleb Spellman says

    3:33 Top 10 anime twists.

  32. KazooTheNoodle says


  33. Lucy Catoe says

    YO you came here?! damn.. I love diving at that spot, wish I saw you

  34. C R says

    <3 turtles

  35. William Jones says

    potty word in the song

  36. Audrey Kinsey says

    that would be so fun to swim there I want to go

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