Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mirrored Dive Mask

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The upgraded Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin dive mask is now available with mirrored lenses!

The difference between the silver and gold mirror is actually quite significant and not just a matter of taste. The Silver Mirrored mask reduces the reflection of sandy seabeds and shallow water, whilst the Gold mirrored option increases visibility in cloudy, murky waters.

The Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin Mask is a very comfortable mask with a super soft liquidskin silicone skirt, twin lens and frameless design.

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Rating: 4.00

  1. Max Power says

    Thanks four the video. Is the Gold suitable for clear water with flat sandy bottoms?

  2. Mike's London Dive Shop says

    The mirrored lense would be ideal for shallower waters as it would take out any of the reflection from the rays of the sun.

  3. Stefano Montesanti says

    Excuse me, if I want to go not very deep, if I want to go in the backdrops near the beach, what is the better? The gold or the silver? Thank you very much

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