Best Gopro Accessories for Water

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The best GoPro accessory for underwater video or photo. As you go deeper in the water the red light spectrum is absorbed quickly. this causes your beautiful video or photo to look blueish. To correct this you must add red back in.

Water absorbs different colors of the spectrum different and the deeper you go the worse it gets. The color that is absorbed the most and first in depth is red. To correct this you need to add a red filter and bring back that specific color into your shot. Backscatter has developed the FLIP and is now on its 5th version the FLIP 5 which is made for the GoPro Hero 5 as well as the 4, 3+ and 3. I will provide links to the products below if you are interested.

The FLIP 5 can use a single or double filter. The double filter is perfect for scuba divers that might be diving at 2 different depths. As you go deeper the more red light gets absorbed. Therefore having 2 filters for 2 different depths ensures that you are adding the proper amount of red back into the video. If you only use one filter you might be adding too little or too much red back in requiring you to do some post editing. Certainly 1 filter is better than nothing but if you have the chance to use 2 at your disposal why not?

The FLIP 5 is made of anodized aluminum so it is durable, lightweight and will not rust. It has an adaptor that can be used to fit the Hero 4, 3+ and 3 as well. The frame also has hinges and locks to make sure that you can lock in position and out of the way the filter that is not being used.

Backscatter has 5 different filters to choose from. 3 red filters 5-20ft, 20-50ft and greater than 50ft, a magenta filter for greenish water, usually fresh water lakes, and a yellow filter for night time to capture florescent creatures. The yellow filter must be used with a blue light to make the fluorescents appear.
Overall adding a red filter is a must if you really want to make your colors pop and look natural. There is nothing more disappointing than showing your friends your epic video only to be color washed out. Show them the colors you saw when you experienced it first hand. Pick up a FLIP red filter and make those colors pop!

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  1. Louisa Jerez says

    Compatible with Hero 7 black?

  2. Kyle Stammers says

    Hello I am looking to buy a hero 7 black for an upcoming trip to Australia, mainly to record snorkeling. Do you think it would be necessary to pick one of these up and use a filter or would I be okay with just the GoPro itself. Probably no deeper than 12-15 Feet. Thanks!

  3. Daniel Grobe says

    should you use a filter with a water dome?

  4. gyula kiss says

    Hello Dear! And you which settings for camera underwater?Video and Photo: ISO,WB,COLOR… ?? Thank you!

  5. jon michaels says

    Thanks for sharing. Nicely done. Can't you add red back in in post correction and forgo the filters all together?

  6. Matt Grimmer says

    Looks like you mixed up the 5-20 and 20-50?

  7. Mick Crowley says

    Hi Chris, I jjust got a Hero 7 Black and am taking it on a dive trip to the Red Sea. I have also gotten a Red filter for my Super Suit housing. I have read in some of the Hero 6/7 blogs that with the new Hero 6/ 7 with the improved Auto White Balance, and the addition of Global Tone Mapping, that a Red filter is no longer required! If I use the Red filter will it have any adverse effect on my videos?
    Any thoughts?
    Cheers Mick

  8. Scott Cooper says

    I've used these filters for 4 or 5 years now and in my opinion, they're the best ones out there in terms of color correction and convenience. The only problem I've run into is a year or two ago. The little screw that holds the Flip frame on the GoPro camera case broke/sheared when I tried to loosen it to take it off. This was due to salt water corroding the screw. That was on the Flip 3. I upgraded to the Flip 5 and now make sure to put a drop of silicon grease on the screw to ward off corrosion. I also make it a point to rinse the metal parts with fresh water and thoroughly dry them off.

  9. Dave Dyck says

    Thanks for posting, this clears things up a lot. what is the recommendation for underwater at night?

  10. Jay PF says

    Do bubbles get caught under it ? I have one that just kinda of comes off and on the go pro case and I have some awful shots of red bubbles, from water being trapped under it when I put it on!

  11. Goky Kakarot says

    Thank you for the information it was very helpful

  12. concert.jdr says

    What happens if you use a 50+feet filter in 10 feet deep water?

  13. Ovidio Antonio Bracamonte says

    The videos and pics are intended to be taken while sailing in a boat with the camera submerged at a constant speed of 3 – 4 knots.

  14. Ovidio Antonio Bracamonte says

    What is the best filter to make videos and pics depth 3 – 20' ?

  15. Daniel Arrieta says

    Up to 50 feet is the filter changed every shallow, when you go down to 100 or 130 feet? Do you use a filter? or just use flashlight for lighting?

  16. Amandine B. says

    The red filter is awesome, the video looks so much better with it!

  17. beho1124 says

    What would the yellow filter do?

  18. Charles Acheson says

    Hi there, is there an adaption for the Gopro 5 ?

  19. TheDutchGuy110 says

    let me get my tape measure

  20. Theart Lamprecht says

    Is there any filters available for the volcano action camera 4k

  21. Justin Watt says

    Osem vidio

  22. Nathan Sablan says

    Thx for info

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