Pretreat and Clean a Scuba Diving Mask for the First Time

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I will show you the best technique for properly pretreating and cleaning your scuba diving mask for the first time. Using the flaming technique you will eliminate the need for messy and time consuming alternatives like using toothpaste or a soft scrub.

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  1. player 101 says

    Do you have tips for preventing from getting yellow

  2. Waldronn 03 says

    It worked so well I love you

  3. Tracy Skille says

    I don't want to wreck 150 dollar mask tho

  4. كمال العبري says

    شي طبيعي ما يصير ضباب في العدسه المحروقه الانها ما زالت ساخة فيكيف راح تضبب

  5. Maureen Johnson says

    I have used the lighter two times on my new mask, but when I test it by breathing on the lenses, they still fog. Am I not leaving the flame on the glass long enough, or what?

  6. Amriy Ansar says

    Boleh diudar bro

  7. Garry Mcgrath says

    I do both heat treat and toothpaste seems to work ok for me

  8. Airborne says

    thanks…worked perfectly.

  9. D.L. Mc says

    I was in Zanzibar snorkeling with a new mask that was fogging up and the dive crew told me to do this with the lighter to fix the problem.

  10. BIO GAMING says

    OK I did this and it worked but only for a short period of time, so I tried every other technique and my mask still fogs up?

  11. grand master flash says

    I have a question no one is talking about. Why not burn the outside of the window. Why haven't they protect the outside as well? thanks.

  12. 1Life says

    I just did this to my dive mask. I literally cannot fog them with my breath now! Thanks you!

  13. Nick123TV says

    the thing which i got told was to spit then rub it in then wash it and if its fogging underwarter get a little bit of warter and swosh it in ur mask

  14. Willis Cannon IV says

    You should’ve let the glass cool down first before you blew on to it to show that it’ll work

  15. Spartan 04 says

    I did this to mines and it stills fogs up I don’t understand and I did the same process 3 times already and it still fogs up not a first but the next day it fogs up when I try and use it is there any other way or process I can do I use a Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask

  16. FiftyNine says

    Works great cheers mate

  17. DeepBlueSpirit2 says

    Nice vid. Instead defog I shower with my mask :)and before use I spit in and rub the glass a bit. Clear as needed.

  18. Scott Wagner says

    Just did three new masks in about 15 mins! This worked well…just like the video shows. Thanks for posting this…what a time saver!

  19. Jonathan Nicholas says

    sick! ametuer here and it worked like a charm!

  20. Robert Short says

    do you need to do this on high sides of the lens?

  21. Ramon Jose says

    will maybe swim

  22. Mason is the best says

    defog isnt nessecary buy johnsons and johnsons no tears baby shampoo works a lot better and costs less

  23. Andy Campbell says

    The easiest method (and quickest) by far. Just use your head and do as the instructor says. Don`t put the flame ON the glass or skirt. Start in the centre of the lens and chase the silicone outwards, you`ll see it disappear. Nice video and thanks.

  24. Srdjan Stevanovic says

    Can someone tell me how to remove scratches from mask(cheap ones(5$))

  25. Richard Rounce says

    I am very confused, I just bought a new pair of goggles the the package said was glass and it says in the goggles "tempered". so what do I do flame trick,toothpaste trick or any other trick?

  26. Danny Cheek says

    I use toothpaste because it contains a form of silica that keeps it from fogging up.

  27. Danny Cheek says

    I use toothpaste on both sides before I freedive and rinse it off before I get in the water. Only use with tempered glass tho because it will scratch polycarbonate.

  28. 6speedguy84 says

    I watched a video that said using a flame is a bad idea for any mask.
    His YouTube channel is thescubaguru.

  29. 123entertainmenow says

    Worked great! Thanks!

  30. frostywest says

    thanks mate worked a treat and saved me plenty of toothpaste haha

  31. gallen814 says

    I just finished using this method on a new mask and it worked like a champ – thank you!

  32. John MacLeod says

    Perfect and it work much more effectively than other methods

  33. Carter Mckee says

    what kind of goggles are those?

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