1. Flame_Freezer 225 says

    The Xbox is just for showing its not of sale

  2. YouTube Troll Türkiye says

    wtf?where u fond this thıngs?

  3. ash simpson says

    You left an iPhone in that bag

  4. An Khang Nguyen Phuc says


  5. VileStorms says

    8:16 and this video is only half click bait lol

  6. Aiden Scappaticci says

    The Xbox was half price

  7. Aiden Scappaticci says

    Half price x box

  8. Itz-Josue 06_ says

    No te entiendo nada pero aun asi me gustan tus videos :3

  9. Alex Garcia says

    This dudes enthusiasm is annoying

  10. tranche au pain says


  11. Andrea Mullins says

    You got pranked

  12. coolgamer 6554 says

    5:40 did he say I thought it was a legit freaking phone

  13. Julian Delgadillo says

    That was gamestop punking you lol…

  14. Zjedi says

    Cash in the bottles and can in the food bags.

  15. Zjedi says

    The Xbox One is a display prop/ a salesman sample. Salesman samples are scaled-down versions of real products used to demonstrate features to retailers or potential customers. But I guess half of an Xbox One is not a true salesman sample.

  16. Santiago Rodriguez says

    999 dislikes now 1k

  17. Doctor_ Winston says

    Its a display piece for stores

  18. Cecilia Cantu says


  19. Christopher Gonzalez says

    All his hopes and dreams GOT HOED!

  20. Jonathan Code says

    Hey Speedy you should get a head camera

  21. 12schnsaint says

    Let me get that case so i can turn it in to a htpc

  22. Aka Slakoth says

    Goooooot emmmmmmmm

  23. Prisma Network says

    Goes through the trash: Why is there trash in here

  24. The Mounts says

    red box is that a red box

  25. The Mounts says


  26. Mr Peely says

    Bro I really like your vids

  27. David Bennett says

    That tape was like no I'm not letting go
    🙂 4:20

  28. XgofuxurselfX WeOuthear says

    I can’t watch your vids any more u thew a phone away

  29. Tanner Crowder says

    Your the only dumpster diver YouTube I like to watch

  30. blessing brody says

    Hahahaha 5:30

  31. Sanchasity Davis says

    You thought you was an Xbox one

  32. Power Friends says

    Wym by Xbox one? Its a Xbox half….. u stoopid or smthng

  33. Antonio Valenti says

    Dude that was not a iPhone at 7:42, it was a phone CASE

  34. Arslan Ali says

    You did not see the iPhone

  35. Arslan Ali says

    Zack iPhone y

  36. Arslan Ali says


  37. Arslan Ali says
  38. Aljosa Guduras says

    Is this truth?

  39. Drago Bro says

    7:42 I see a freaking phone in there!!!!!!!!!

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