1. GGL says

    Why not just hold on to a dive flag?

  2. Jim Nagle says

    This is the exact skill for my I.E. open water presentation tomorrow. Mahalo.

  3. heybeachnik says

    This is all wrong.

  4. Rahul S says

    Can you also recommend an SMB as well as a DSMB with safety overfill valve etc?

  5. Keith Linney says


  6. Maarten Elzinga says

    This is how not to do it.

  7. Bill Jones says

    DSMBs are deployed at depth, SMBs are deployed at the surface. This is a "how to deploy a SMB" video so the comments that they are doing it wrong because they are surfaced are in a word… wrong. I prefer to use a DSMB (line clipped to the marker and the other end of the line is wrapped on a finger spool). I don't know why a person would ever use a SMB. I want to mark my location before I surface and I like having 30' and 15' marked on my DSMB line for deco stops. I use a different spool for my wreck reel.

  8. MrNotebookguy says

    "this video is not intended to replace formal scuba instruction"
    Is that because there weren'T any insturction at all?

  9. Jason Beck says

    Worst instruction video ever

  10. zhenyatr says

    Absolutely useless lesson((. You'd better show how to deploy the signalling device while being at 5-meter depth in order to use it during deco safety stop !

  11. punjabnolan says

    tooob! lol

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