1. Nicolas Barboza says

    Sou brasileiro mais e muito foda migos vc são muitos foda sério sevem tiy fa não sei o resto fadaaaaaaa esskkeres

  2. shy land says

    Nice song but what sens is in this video

  3. Sihle Mchakuva says

    mama told me not to sell work 175 same colour T-Shirt!

  4. Yosief Amba says


  5. Aidan Branscom says

    this video is just Game of Thrones but better

  6. J.L. Torres says

    Fat bitch in the middle looking like adel

  7. Steezy Laboratories says

    Yo its Jessica!

  8. la casa del terror muñoz says

    mucho tema conpa n8 los micos entienden

  9. Hype Edits says

    Theres Gucci logos on those coats

  10. Pingoum 05 says

    I love this fuckinhg4

  11. Jayvieon YT says

    I thought his necklace said YBN but it says YRN

  12. Brandon Adams says

    but they pay others to make their brand of T-Shirts, so they didn't listen to mamma. They do sell work

  13. Kārlis Pastars says

    Does somebody understand what did he mean with "75 same color tshirt"?

  14. Keno says

    Heavy Skyrim vibes first 10 seconds lmfao

  15. FootballBoi I says

    1:15 still the best part for me in my opinion

  16. Rebecca Bays says

    If ur watching in 2019 like my comment

  17. Alberto Menasci says

    the beat

  18. ᄋᄃ ᄋᄃ says

    이곡이 염따형님 티셔츠못받아서 저격한 노래지뭐야? 빠끄 !

  19. Pedro David says

    Pego minha bike

  20. Fletcher Corey says

    Migos are good to listen while gaming

  21. Offset all the way, still love takeoff and quavo

  22. peanutbutter6626 says

    I want to know how that older man is doing with all that money

  23. Prince Annor says

    best song everrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Otaku Sniper says

    Still my favorite migos song

  25. Al Kindi Abu Yosef says

    “Am feed my family nigga ain’t no way around it”

  26. Sociable Sarcasm says

    Need a calendar? No worries! Just look at the comments

  27. Vedro G says


  28. Anthropomorphic Fish says

    This was honestly kind of lazy, also another thing, if they are "Migos" why do they exclude their third member?

  29. Bernouz says

    4:10 ❤️

  30. Davon Manning-Kendrick says

    A lot of people might say this but iam for real I rell want to rap with you guys

  31. PaulG says

    Me I listen this music its so fucking good like the mother of Galon

  32. Tosha Crooks says

    eln loves yall migos…..

  33. Wojtini says


  34. Gadaleandaniel says

    beat sounds like yg my nigga

  35. Lost BoY says

    Who's here after they saw a video of gymnastic boy with incredible backflip

  36. stella gallagher says

    This goes hard

  37. lil KlazzyVEVO says

    Takeoff is the best.

  38. Bottle Kills says

    Who here after pnb rock and lil Wayne “T-Shirt”

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