Suunto Vyper Problem

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My dive computer. Probably has about 1000 dives on it and is 3 years old. After a period of not being used it seemed unresponsive. I changed the battery and it worked for a minute then went crazy, displaying random characters on the screen.

If I remove the battery then it works normally for up to a minute then it crashed. You can see the second indicator begins flashing too quickly before it crashes. Removing the battery and immediately reinserting doesn’t fix it. It need a minute or so without the battery.

I suspect an oscillator or capacitor failure. In going to try to find out how to open it without breaking it and replace some components.

Rating: nan

  1. Max Longo says
    Very low quality Suunto, stay away from it. It is trash.

  2. yop ya says

    did you try to open it ? i've got the same issue …

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