Mini Refillable Scuba Tank – Dive Portable Lungs – Scuba Diving in Hawaii looking for treasures

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Dive Portable Lungs in Hawaii, Diving around and looking for beautiful eye treasures, I hope everyone enjoyed the video as much as I Did. Refillable portable Scuba Tank and dive around in any river or ocean!

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Hey my name is Cameron! I’m the inventor of Dive Portable Lungs and I Free dive, Scuba Dive and Treasure hunt. Welcome to my channel Dive Portable Lungs, where I take you along on my adventures using Dive Portable Lungs!

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  1. Andreas Korsgaard says

    Hello Mr. dive. I think it's a really nice product, and I think I'm gonna buy one soon. But is there any safety papers, and how do you know, how far you are from exploding your lungs. I heard, that you can safely dive down to 9 meters (30 feet). But can you tell me something, so the user feels more is safe down there? Are there any manuals, how to use the pump and so on. I saw one of your videos, where you showed os, how to use it. Can you get deeper, why they have to minimize the pressure, and what will happen, if they forget to turn the air on? Love your ideas, keep up.

  2. Casey Journeys says

    Any discount codes or sales for the full starter kit? Would love to get one, just not wanting to drop that much on a set right now.

  3. Cheryl Fajardo says

    Nice like it

  4. Man + River says

    That is a thing of beauty

  5. rus1058 says

    Oh yeah 🙂

  6. mason b says

    I need this!!

  7. Kel16 says

    This is soooo cool!!!

  8. rhea barbeau says

    Love your tanks !

  9. Hayden Owen says


  10. DM125// MotoTips says


  11. DM125// MotoTips says

    Por qué no contestan su Messenger o su Instagram

  12. DM125// MotoTips says

    El primero

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