Key Features Of A Dive Computer

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Key Features Of A Dive Computer
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A dive computer allows divers to extend their time and safety while in the water. Considered essential by most dive resorts around the world today your dive computer should be one of the first things you should buy. Since back in the 1980’s dive computers have been revolutionizing the way that we dive. Before the dive computer came along you would calculate your dive time based on the maximum depth you were diving too. The dive computer changed this significantly by being able to calculate your max dive time based on the actual dive allowing multi-level diving. Modern dive computers update you constantly on how much time you have left, based on your current depth. Essentially this allows you to remain underwater for longer in safety with potentially shorter safety stops

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  1. James allan Butterworth says

    need more dive time got gear need usage dive buddy canberra nsw australia certified 1982 james

  2. Rickard Handin says

    Hi. Great channel!! Lots of info and tips. Thanks guys!!

  3. Blaine Finn says

    Hi guys. As you may remember I'm soon going for my scuba licence, and I need help with one thing. I'm not sure what boots I should get as I got some a while ago but they are way too thick and barely fit into my flippers. Is that how they should be or do I need to go for a thinner design

  4. HypnoticAbyss says

    too bad the more nice looking units are so expensive 🙁

  5. joshua smith says

    I bought my first dive computer based on cost. I bought my second dive computer based on how easy I could press the buttons wearing dive gloves, and it had a large display.

  6. Piolo 2013 says

    Hi Mark I have a question for you:

    I want to start diving and I have two options the first one is that I get 4 hours in the pool and get Padi eLearning and then get certified in a lagoon, the other one is that I get 12 theoretical hours in presence classes and 8 in the pool, but without being certified in open waters. What option do you suggest to me to begin my journey in scuba diving?
    the option 2 costs the half of the first one

    Thank you.

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