Sidemount BCD Guide

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The Sidemount Harness was originally developed for cave diving as it allows for a low, streamlined profile and for cylinders to be quickly removed for penetration through narrow restrictions. Sidemount diving has recently become much more popular following the release of harnesses that could be adapted for sidemount with the addition of a buttplate and the launch of dedicated sidemount systems.
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  1. Chris Higgins says

    I recently purchased the sms100. I will be diving it with 2 steel tanks and a AL pony with a dry suit.

    I took my new unit in the pool with the 2 steel tanks and no exposure protection to tune tank straps and hose routing.

    I have two questions. First is about weight. When I removed one tank underwater even with wing deflated I was very buoyant with exposure protection I will be more buoyant. Should I add weigh so if I lost a tank or had to donate it I could maintain buoyancy? Second question is the inflator. The SMS75 shows inflator coming from the lower left side and the 100 from the top. I flipped the inflator and dump. This seamed to be more out of the way, however it was much harder to dump air. Thoughts ?

  2. Aleks Dogush says

    Hi can I use Hollis sms 75 with single tank on the back, if so do I need to buy a back plate or I can use original one?

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