1. Gary Drop says

    Yes with my mask some water will leak near the forehead area if my mask encounters water waves, yes you must get used to the way you must breathe with this mask, the BIG one that only a few have mentioned is that you can't seem to dive a few feet under the water comfortably. When your completely under the water that mask will PUSH and SEAL tightly against your nose and mouth to where you can't even breathe the air that is already in your mask, plus that pressure against your face is sooo uncomfortable you want to come back up to the surface right away. These masks are good for SURFACE swimming and just looking down in the water.

  2. Living One Day at a Time says

    CO2 making your wife nauseous? Maybe the rental place made an adjustment to their rental masks.

  3. JW W says

    This might just not be a good version of this product. I have the See Reef that I use and I do strenuous swimming with it. It works great. No problem breathing, no problem sealing or leaking with full view, no fogging and no distortion. I have only used it in a pool so, perhaps snorkeling in the ocean presents additional strain but, I swim 1000 yards with my mask with no problem whatsoever. I am a female.

  4. Tina & Jim says

    I float at the top and I have trouble breathing due to lack of air if I use even the slightest effort to move. Bought for $40 on sale at Costco, probably will take them back.

  5. Melanie D says

    Thanks for your review, my 9 year old really wants one and it doesn't look like it would be as easy to use as he thought…

  6. malo says

    Thank you. I really appreciate your review and experience with the full face snorkel mask. I am a passionate snorkeler and where I live a daily summer time routine is snorkeling in the local river. I've had a really good snorkeling mask that lasted me the good of 25 years and now the seal is not tight any more. Anyways to make a long story short, today I was shopping at Costco and come across these full face snorkeling masks. Glad I am doing research before investing money into this product. Thanks again. Really appreciate your honesty. I think I will stick with the classic snorkeling mask design as I snorkel upriver and getting good air supply is crucial.

  7. Ultralagger R.E.V says

    How can the water don't get in through the breathing pipe and make you breathe? While UNDERWATER

  8. John Skovmand says

    Appreciate your review. I am a new snorkel, and thought the full face snorkel mask would be easier to use than an traditional mask & snorkel set. Thanks to your review, I will pass on this type of mask, regardless of manufacturer.

  9. D.A. Arthur says

    Had the same problem man…my son can't bite the traditional snorkel due to physical disabilities so we got him this. He loves it but when I use it I can't get enough air.

  10. Top Dog obedience says

    We bought 3 of them and so far they have been great. We're not hard core snorkelers though. I couldn't use a traditional snorkel because I always had trouble breathing just through my mouth.

  11. Jack Williamson says

    My favourite full face snorkel mask is the leader I find it fits my face way better and is an overall better mask.

  12. UltimateFoxy XD says


  13. Mark Nelson says

    Man, thank you for posting this! Going to use a traditional snorkel!

  14. JUST ENCASE says

    I bought one. and man I wish I did not. I have a broken neck so I have to wear a snorkel because I cannot turn my head and you are right you really have to breath hard to get enough air. NOT A GOOD PRODUCT!!

  15. Nikola Stojanovic says


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