Vintage Scuba diving equipment US Divers uds 1

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A few subscribers asked to see the inner workings of some of my vintage Scuba gear. This is a rare system in working condition.
Here is a new Facebook page dedicated to the preservation and use of the U.S. Divers UDS-1 system:
If you like this kind of stuff, join this group. Its public.

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Thanks guys!
Diver Don

Rating: 4.81

  1. Russell Ebnet says

    nice. like to do a dive with you. I'm in Minneapolis

  2. YellowSunrise FamilyHome says

    Very interesting. Glad you took the time to show us these things.

  3. Martin Stevens says

    I would like to buy 2 of these for some special effects training. Any info is appreciated.

  4. Steve Gardner says

    Does it feel more streamlined when you dive with it? I would expect it must feel more balanced across the back. Also – what is the capacity of each cylinder?

  5. Schmedly Whiplash says

    Hey Don I gotta have one of these rigs man!

  6. mark duncan says

    I thought this tank was state of the art!!!

  7. mokpot says

    Jacque Cousteau stuff going on at your house Don!   Very cool.

  8. Therese Root says

    Cool Dan.

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