testing suunto D4i for first time, at Porthkerris, Cornwall, UK

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HI, this is my first time with the Suunto D4i. Previously I used a Suunto Zoop. which frankly i found bit a rigmarol to remember which button did what! I have stuck with suunto as they are meant to be the best, and gone for a computer with a few more bells and whistles (not literally before anyone corrects me!) The watch has the ability to be wirelessly connected to your cylinder to give you readings to your watch. I am unsure if this in turn is put into the equations for non decompression times, I don’t know?!?
A beautiful visibility day at Porthkerris for a shore dive around Drawna Rocks. Sea temp is only 9-10o C.
First impressions of the D4i are good, the numbers and text are smaller than the zoop, but thats to b expected. I have to admit that I have always struggled with the dive manager software, both the 3 and 4 versions. Downloading them has never been easy and always required extra programs and a frontal head ache. Similarly putting the DM4 on the mac was not straightforward. definitely not plug and play!
I can’t seem to put the start and finish bar figures on the new DM4, so if anyone can help me with that i would appreciate it.
Also have to apologise about the slow decent, had removed weight from belt to compensate for a new bcd also, so was running a little lighter than usual.

Rating: 0.65

  1. ebazyli says

    Duncan – Can You upload more dive movies with D4i "in action"? BTW, what is Your opinion about this gear? 

  2. Duncan Scobie says

    hat a shit? Thats a rather surreal comment , one that Dali would have been proud of ! lol

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