Scuba Tech Tips: Are Split Fins A Good Choice? – S06E08

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Viewers have asked if split fins are worth buying anymore? Alec compares the pros and cons of split fins vs blade fins to help your buying decision.

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Rating: 4.82

  1. André Guiomar says

    So it sounds great with kicking. What about with frogy, does it work well?

  2. Jorge Alejandro Chiquito says

    I really enjoy your vídeos, where can i get the yellow fins?

  3. Pricediver says

    Great video!
    I think the force Fin is the best fin on the market so far.

  4. John Dayton says

    Tried splits, paddle & the Seawing nova. Now own & swim with the Nova. Great feeling fin. Thanks for the fin review

  5. evenhanded commentor says

    Scubapro still sells split fins. As does Tusa and Atomic. I'll bet they've all done the research in a "water tunnel" and can see the advantages of the split fin design. Split fins are more efficient than standard paddle fins. My personal experience is the same. For the standard flutter kick, split fins rock and paddle fins suck. I say that having tried both fins over long distance…not just a short sprint. Not only are the split fins faster, but no leg cramps. That said, when I want more maneuverability, and I don't need speed and/or I'm not worried about fighting currents, I wear paddle fins. Back kicking is easier with paddle fins.

    I'll guess that some of the more futuristic fin designs are attempts to have it all. Something with the ability to maneuver like a paddle fin, but the efficiency of a split fin. That is likely what Scubapro was attempting with their Seawing Nova. Not quite as efficient as a split fin, but better than any normal paddle fin. And easier to maneuver in than a split fin. I haven't tried the Seawing Nova's, but I'm interested. And the light weight for air travel is another advantage.

  6. John Michael Saraceno says

    Have ScubaPro split Jet Fins really like them, but they are heavy…really like those Nova fins, thanks for sharing.

  7. Adam Angel says

    But Your say The Fins "must be" a bent ….. But advertisement Fins ScubaPro from my look – they are strait like a piece of wood ….

  8. Justin Shrawder says

    Interesting info!

  9. cpl lenny says

    Yum Yum Yellow

  10. Arnold Stollar says

    Church I’ll. Body surf fins are good for Scuba.Im always buy ing flippers that are sized extra large, so I can put my reef walking shoes inside.

  11. Zhiguo Wang says

    Wish I saw this videos months ago. Just bought some junk fins.

  12. Joe C. says

    I just got my Advanced and Im getting back into diving after a 30 year gap from Open water. I love your reviews and channel. No BS just good info for us rookies. reviews are next best thing to actually trying out the product!

  13. Andrea Monticue says

    In aviation, those vertical projections at the end of the wing are called winglets. Just FYI.

  14. Alex Generalov says

    about that last fin, how does it holds if you frog kick, or backward frog kick? I am interested after watching this video, but i use usually only frog kick

  15. Ben Planchon says

    Split fins are dumb…

  16. Roy Cabalo says

    Another good video Alec! I think alot ot viewers probably don't know that all split fins are products licensed from the original Natures Wing patent from the early 90s. Splits are great for a diver like myself that has spinal problems, less stress on the legs. Splits also require more research. My Tusa splits are much lighter and respond very differently than my Apollo Bio Fins. The Nova is an amazing line and I've only heard one complaint from a lady that said they were just to much fin for her. I blame the dive shop on that case for going after the $$$ instead of putting a smaller framed lady in a setvof Novas. Thanks for another great video.

  17. aaron arnold says

    He's like your corny great uncle at the family reunion! Love this guy.

  18. Bernd Österreicher says

    Dear Alec,
    concerning the holes, that are very close to your foot: Don´t they prevent from negative resistance as your foot is more looking upside down compaired to the blade itself? So, better to let the water run through as to build up unnecessary negative resistance with your foot?
    Would love to hear your opinion 🙂

  19. William Wang says

    I like this guy, haha!

  20. swzarsa says

    Thank you for the review, which made me make up my mind and purchased the Scuba Pro Novas.

  21. Pete The Handyman says

    Alec, I have a pair of Scubapro Twin Jet fins, I just got a set of spare straps,just in case,those straps came with buckles that attach to the fin with a stainless pin, how do I take the old one off and install the new one? I can’t find any info on this anywhere thanks!

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