Vintage Scuba: Evolution Of Masks – S01E01

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Alec shows how dive masks evolved from the first hand made rubber “Charlie Sturgill” masks to production versions with nose clips for equalization. In their day, these masks were considered “modern”, “innovative” but not always safe or dry compared to todays super comfortable, high quality and advanced features masks.

Enjoy this video of what our sports early “skin divers” and “lung divers” used.

*** In this episode of Vintage Scuba ***
– a picture of Alec diving in September 1965
– an original “Sturgill” hand made mask from a rubber fire hose
– early production masks
– masks with built in snorkels
– pinocchio masks (corrective lens inserts)
– new purge valves, equalization squeeze, nose pinch clips
– original mask boxes
– Sportsways, Swim Master, Voit & Healthways, Aqualung
– tinted, gum rubber, bowl masks & coloured masks
– full face masks (double and single hose)
– ScubaPro Visionaire full face mask with first stage

***** Alec Peirce Scuba *****

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  1. Bricago says

    I"m guessing that equalizing with one of the masks with the nose pockets built in would require removing your regulator first so you can get your fingers up through the bottom of the mask. Maybe that's why they added the external "handles" later.

  2. Jacques Poirier says

    in the very early sixties, my father have bought me a double snorkel mask exactly as the one you show us, the only difference was that the mask rubber was white instead of green, sweet remembrance.

  3. Norman Witzler says

    Great video! This sport has come a long way since the Sea Hunt days.

  4. Juz4Fun Vid says

    If you were my teacher I would love it

  5. Joe Thomas says

    Great lesson, the enthusiasm makes it much more enjoyable.

  6. captain237 says

    Really enjoyed your video, thank you for making it!

  7. Will S says

    Is there any way to get any faceplates nowdays? My dad and grandpa used to use them but they have since not worked any more. My great grandpa used goggles that were very similar to the early masks with the black heavy rubber and metal around the outside.

  8. Count Lippe says

    I Have a nice US Divers circular lens mask, I have to get another steel retainer band for it because the snap on one that comes with it is too loose so water slowly gets in. Very comfortable, although it only has one seal. I purchased a new production circular mask from Taiwan, but the rubber is not as soft of the old US Divers mask, and its just a tad smaller. it does however have a double seal.

    Do you know of any manufacturers of quality rubber circular masks? I've heard there are some Russian and French manufacturers.

    I have an Aqualung Atlantis, and it's nice however no matter what i do it fogs. Can't figure if it's because it's silicone skirted or what. Either way I like the no stick feel of soft rubber, and the sturdiness of it.

    Great channel.

  9. Jeff Garrett says

    Jeff Garrett in Bid-a-wee Beach, Panama City Beach, Florida.
    2 mins ·
    I really have enjoyed watching Alecs' you tube channel
    he's has a lot of great insight and info as well as some really good info about new gear as well as history and
    vintage diving gear and an unbelievable Sea Hunt Memorabilia collection.
    Way to be Alec great stuff!
    If you ever find yourself in PCB drop by Dive Locker and lets go diving!
    Thanks Alec great show

  10. iVlogBuzz says

    Alec, I was wondering if at some point you would also do a video in full face masks, pros, cons brands etc. Thanks again, Peter UK.

  11. iVlogBuzz says

    What's interesting my Tusa mask I've had since late '09 has a purge valve and I remember store saying how new it was.
    It's about the only way I could mask clear as all the traditional ones my nose bridge was too wide.
    Love your videos!

  12. Andy Watson says

    Brilliant! So interesting.

  13. Staunch Industries says


  14. 5kouji7 says

    Great video sir. I recognize some mask are in certain movies, one them is the 3 window mask with purge was used by Matt Hooper in the movie JAWS during the shark cage scene.

  15. Miguel Gerov says

    Great "Sea Hunt" series. Thanks Alec.

  16. Michael Gundelfinger says

    What happened in the case of regulator failure or out gas with the full face masks?
    Surly buddy breathing wasn't an option especially with the ScubaPro one

  17. Oliver Nagy says

    nice video thanks so much inteligent people

  18. Robby Creason says

    Great video!!!

  19. byAriengg says


  20. Omar Roushdy says

    I am so glad I found your channel!! Your tips are invaluable!
    Your immense passion for scuba diving shows in each and every video you make. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I'm still a beginner (1 star CMAS diver), and I greatly appreciate your tips.
    Keep the awesome videos coming!

  21. Chanz Wera says

    Was it possible to talk through the full face masks?

  22. Nacht Loa says

    Great series can't wait for you start talking about Sea Hunt. I was just a boy but Mike Nelson is still locked happily in my mind. I still remember those shows when I get ready to dive and they make smile. I look forward to hearing your true knowledge of the way things were and the gear that was used.

  23. Jerry Atkinson, Jr. says

    Just found your videos today and are very informative. I had a question for the vintage mask you have. What do you use on the rubber to keep them looking good and from deteriorating. I have service old new stock mask in there original boxes and want to keep them for form deteriorating.

  24. Neal says

    Love this new vintage series and can only imagine where it will go. Thank you very much for sharing your wealth of information and memories.

  25. MichaelAngeloTech says

    The information is only part of it, and you have a wealth of knowledge. But what really impresses me, and why I think so many people have enjoyed your videos, is your personality. Mr. Peirce you have a fantastic stage presence and I can't thank you enough for spending the time to document this information so you can share it with the Scuba community. I cannot believe you make the majority of your videos in one single take. That is incredibly difficult to do and very rare when conveying as much information as you do. Your passion is truly evident.

    I have a lot of fun watching and learning what you share with us and thanks to Kevin for the work he puts in as part of your team to get us videos. I have watched every single one. You are alone in providing the best Scuba related content for entry level divers and enthusiasts on YouTube. I wish scuba was like other industries that have review videos on every single manufacturer of every single product that hits the market. Maybe one day.

  26. Pat Green says

    Thanks. I think it was in 1962 I also had a circular mask with built in snorkel, up 'till now I didn't realise anyone else had one. For years I kept wanting to breathe thru' my nose even when I had a more modern mask! (This was bought in Italy, don't remember the make.)

  27. Mohamed A. Hassen says

    what a history informative lesson 😀 .. please keep it up 😀

  28. Karl Marx says


  29. chik jenn yih says

    very informative, thanks!

  30. TheOldManEric says

    I've been waiting for this! Thanks soooooooooooo much.

  31. HobbyMan UK says

    Fantastic and very informative!

  32. Kevin Smith says

    Wow, you have a lot of really strange masks. The last one with the full face plate that moves in and out is hilarious. Keep them coming sir.

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