Suunto D6i malfunction

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— Suunto D6i malfunction
— Suunto Transmitter malfunction
— Suunto D4i malfunction /my wife does not have a camera, so no record of her D4i malfunctioning)

Deco time changed from 1 to 5, 12 and 21 min within 13s, 0,4m depth change!

False transmitter reading! All of a sudden, showing 5bar! My buddy had to close valve and re-open!

Air time remaining changed from 52 to 32 and 12 min! Within 1min! Just normal breathing, no use of inflator, 1bar change in readings…

Rating: 3.06

  1. Yudi Herdiana says

    Although we are currently living in the Technology 4.0 era, I still don't trust the wireless system in Suunto divecomp, especially on tank pressure. I'll leave it to analog.

  2. Zafer Akca says

    I was about to buy suunto d6i novo however by the help of your footage I do need to reconsider what to buy. Thank you very much.
    by the way what do you think about g shock frogman gwf d1000?
    your feedback is a treasure for me.

  3. Elliott Booth says

    same problem with my viper novo.. tank paired. compass on. back light on and the tank transmitter losses connection

  4. Max Longo says

    Suunto has a LOW quality products. I had a D4 and a ZOOP. Both on different times and had problems on the depth sensor. Went to the service and no repair possible. To trash ! Stay away from SUUNTO !

  5. Arnaud D. says

    What is you strap case for your d6i, i'm actually looking for one like this

  6. freecatalonianow says

    I took to Suunto, Inner module changed on my 26 months old computers (D6i and D4i, 180 and 120 dives on each one respectively, battery changed 4 months before video was recorded). Cost, 720€, paid by Suunto. I got the repair and a battery change for free. Thanks Suunto!

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