How To Make Sure Your Fins Fit

8 21

How To Make Sure Your Fins Fit
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In this weeks scuba advice video Mark talks about the best ways to tell if your fin fits correctly.


Apeks RK3

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Artist: Mikos Da Gawd –


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Rating: 4.93

  1. sayittrue says

    thanks for the advice ,nice to get a answer from Sam from my email i sent to ask the question of what size fin i needed for my size 10 boot on my Typhoon dry suit ,brilliant service from you guys

  2. Diamond says

    Aqua lung phazer

  3. Kimon Froussios says

    I did dive for a while with fins that were too big, but I did not have any fit problems with them. I eventually replaced them because the size combined with the blade shape design resulted in the fins being too long. I was getting my tips caught all the time when turning in limited spaces, which is not great for sealife or visibility.

  4. Ryan Suggs says

    I love your vids and keep up the good work and can you check out my friend's Channel lucky black heart this 118 subs is special for her check it out please. Thank you

  5. Sandhie Marlim says

    Question.. my boots size 10 us
    What is the right size for Apeks RK 3??

    Thank you

  6. red scania says

    Great clip , is it possible to make a clip with full foot flins thinking of sizees with 5mm and 7mm and without neoprene socks. I Hope you understand the questions

  7. Robbin Staup says

    Good info !

  8. Saltypeenutz1 says

    – Owen Wilson

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