Full Face Snorkel Mask vs Traditional (2018) – Who should buy what?

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Have you ever seen those weird alien looking snorkel masks and wondered what they were all about? This is the video for you. I’m an experienced SCUBA diver and snorkeler and took this mask on a trip to Hawaii to give it a full test. Check it out!

Rating: 4.49

  1. Gary Drop says

    Exactly… the moment one leaves the surface to go under water completely the mask PUSHES hard against your nose and mouth so much it makes it feel tooooo uncomfortable to remain under water. One wants to return to the surface right away. So this mask is for surface swimming not for underwater snorkeling.

  2. whynottalklikeapirat says

    A real mask is a survival tool – a full face is a death trap masking as a toy.
    – Go find out …

  3. Ancient Mariner says

    I'd like to volunteer to help her remove sand from her nooks and crannies…..

  4. wyatt_kt _124 says

    You forgot to mention how hard it is to breath in it

  5. MrRedScorpion1 says

    it is not a good thing for new snorkelers. it is a horrible design. No competent diver would recommend this at all.

  6. dipi says

    Some day I may give one of those full-face masks a spin while biking to a nice Bavarian lake with the complicated name »Brombachspeicher« (roughly between Nuremberg and Munich). I'm only worried that mask may turn into plastic garbage too soon.
    Thank you for the informative review. Subscribed. Cheers!

  7. Dragomir Ronilac says

    Nobody should buy this full face mask…

  8. Peter King says

    You can get nose clips to “equalize”. You need to use them with military CABA sets.

  9. whynottalklikeapirat says

    NOBODY should buy those full face masks.

    Aside from the fact that they DO tend to fog up, distort vision due to the curvature, cause a face squeeze when you dive down because they can't be equalized, and just generally prevent you from equalizing – they have been involved in several snorkling deaths probably due to CO2 buildup due to bad ventilation. These gimmicks further tend to encourage inexperienced people to go beyond their limits – with no idea of how to get themselves out of trouble in case of a gear failure – hence the deaths.

    As an aside – you are NEVER supposed to dive down with a snorkle in your mouth – if you faint due to shallow water blackout the snorkle will shoot a jet of water down your throat and fill your lungs as soon as the pressure goes.

    Finally they are not made from tempered glass and silicone which are the industry standards. ELastomer will break down much sooner in the salt and sun, and we use tempered glass because, when properly treated it virtuall NEVER fogs up.

  10. BGCrafter says

    If you dont want sand entering your mask then just dont throw it on the ground LMAO… So simple!

  11. kmeng kep says

    Hi all freinds pls tell me fuu face mask and snorkel mask who good then

  12. Charles Graves says

    Always use half face mask

  13. dntanderson says

    Short version … just buy a real mask…. Don't die!

  14. Ran Hernandez says

    FF mask are not meant for free diving. Pressure would make you feel that your face is being sucked, plus CO² build up. FF mask are good for about 10-15 minutes use.

  15. Christan Kewley says

    Very informative!

  16. EbbWeaver says

    Excruciating? You have to be kidding me. Excruciating is getting a stomach bug from inhaling water and shitting 16 times in a day. After that I have reason to believe you either don't know what the definition is or are terrible at hyperbole.

  17. Ozzy Guy says

    Very dangerous due to Carbon Dioxide build up. DO NOT USE!

  18. Steven Xie says

    Never use FF mask…….

  19. DMC Catimbang says

    Vacuum will do the trick of sand problem. Anakin Skywalker don't hate sand… Hahaha lol

  20. تغريد السريع says

    could u suggest the best brand

  21. Dennis S says

    Time for an updated review, issues with CO2 and ear equalization have been addressed with newer models, just stay away from cheap Chinese knockoffs, spend the extra 20 bucks and get a good one from a company that did the R&D and you will have the best snorkeling ( not diving) experience you ever had

  22. Dreaded88 says

    @Hello good buy:
    That's really too bad that it's not sized to keep from crushing a Nose-Bridge, nor is it equiped with (this is from the OTS, and Kirby-Morgan masks) a Nose-Block. This would allow you to clear. I also wonder if that Snorkel Tube can be mated to a Scuba Regulator? Overall thanks for the heads-up.

  23. jason kwok says

    hello ,how could I contact with you and talk about the business?

  24. Jack Fisher says

    Ohhh fuck you!!! YOU NEVER EVER HAD YOUR HEAD LOWER THEN 10 cm !! And you advertise death trap mask!! Get a life and a real JOB!! .. Fucking idiot woman.

  25. Paul Gee says

    Wow! New MILF City to the MAX.


  26. Carmen Mosquera says

    I just got one today gotta be educational lol

  27. Lewis Barrett says

    Would never buy one due to the deaths caused by c02 build up.

  28. Ounier says

    How can I get in touch with you?I want send free product to you help review and leave a honest opinion of the product.

  29. Lee B says

    Don't like FF masks .Totally agree on the size problem and polycarbonate scratches much easier than tempered glass .You can get FF masks with soft nose covers so you can equalise my choice would be the Orsen mask but it costs £99 .I'll stick to the traditional set up thanks .

  30. Marty MNP says

    You r hard to please ;))

  31. Hu Susan says

    it is good item

  32. Dul Joni says

    Gas Mask or Respirator mask please

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