XDeep Ghost scuba diving wing unboxing & first impression

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This is an unboxing video.

Here we take a look at the relatively newly released scuba diving wing, the Ghost from XDeep, a Polish diving equipment manufacturer.

This single tank wing weighs in at just 2.3KG and is ideal for the scuba diver that likes to travel without worrying about airline excess baggage charges!

Although not classed as a technical wing, it has some of the features that technical dive equipment features.

Our thanks to Piotr at XDeep for sending us this de-luxe model over to review, and to Andy Fenn from their UK distributor Blue Orb for getting it to us at late notice.

For more information on XDeep diving products visit their website

The Ghost is available in the UK from several diving outlets including Divelife in Manchester –

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Gavin Courtie (PRS) / Liz Radford (PRS)

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Rating: 4.50

  1. Matt Smith says

    Where can you buy them in Europe? I will be there in May.

  2. DroPsyDro says

    is a travelling model less good than a normal model?

  3. DroPsyDro says

    what is the difference between a wing and a technical wing?

  4. Clorox Bleach says

    If you have a soar throat should you go scuba diving still

  5. Philip says

    What kind of editing software was used in the intro? That was pretty cool.

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